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The Good Fight 1×08 – Reddick v Boseman

"You know, I've been called old for about 20 years now."


Reddick v Boseman is most notable for introducing the titular Carl Reddick to the narrative. Played to cutthroat perfection by Louis Gossett Jr., the character proceeds to put everybody on edge (especially Adrian) with his arrival. I do hope Carl sticks around for a while or makes recurring guest appearances, because he’s an absolute hoot to watch.

It’s funny, but I could have sworn that Gabriel Kovac was one of those recurring guest-stars who used to appear on The Good Wife on a regular basis. Apparently this is only his first appearance, but it’s a testament to Fisher Stevens’ impeccable performance that he already feels like a fully-realized character and not some one-note antagonist. This week’s case with the return of Frankie Faison as Jeremiah Easton was intriguing enough, because it had me wondering if the pastor was indeed responsible for the sexual abuse allegations. Plus it’s always great when Marissa gets in on the action, and her Fitbit discovery proved to be both effective and hilarious. Please show, never let go of this priceless character!

And then there’s Maia who arrives to stop her dad’s suicide only to discover he’d fallen and ruined his own attempts. Although I’m starting to feel like Maia’s personal life has taken way too much screen-time this season, it’s at least satisfying to finally get confirmation over the affair between her mom and Uncle Jax. Now that it’s over, maybe the writers can focus on bringing all these disparate storylines together into one cohesive ending. This season started out so strong, but it’s somewhat floundering now.

Bits & Cases

– Nifty stylistic touch with the elevator doors sliding from the credits.

– It’s funny how Carl at first doesn’t want Diane in the meeting, but when it’s revealed she knows the pastor, he ONLY asks for her to join.

– Obviously Diane is still holding a grudge against Henry (he did bankrupt her after all). Can someone update us on her finances please?

– Hilarious sight of Diane, Jay and Marissa in the elevator together on their way to deliver the eviction notice.

– Kovac stealing candies made me laugh. It’s these kind of details that Michelle and Robert King imbue in their guest-stars that make them so darn memorable. Also, he loves Candy Crush. What is it with him and candy?

– So Kovac took a liking to Marissa huh? As evidenced by the eHarmony thing.

– I wasn’t a big fan of Collin’s mom. She and her friends felt too caricature-ish. The Jay-Z line was far too forced!

– Collin is being prepped for a Senator position. This should be fun. Guess we’ve got another Peter/Alicia on our hands.

 – Touching moment with Lucca breaking down and sobbing in the car after breaking it off with Collin.

– Love the ending with Barbara and Adrian drinking wine together after her vote saves his position. Beautiful panning shot from behind as he nudges his friend.

Good Lines

Marissa: Do you carry a gun?
Jay: No.
Marissa: You ever need one?
Jay: All the time.

Kovac: So, um I represent Mr. Paul Johnson. He has been fucked over by your client.
Diane: Is that a legal term?
Kovac: “Fucked over”? No. But it’s accurate. Pastor Jeremiah placed his penis in two of my client’s orifices. How’s that? Hmm? Does that satisfy your Harvard education?

Lucca: You ever fuck a stranger in an art gallery?
Collin: Hmm. It’s the only place I’d fuck a stranger.

Diane: This is Maia.
Kovac: Maia. Hello. Pretty red hair. I had a dog with red hair.

Marissa: Wait, wait, freeze.
Jay: It’s a laptop; just press the space button. (Sarcastically) Do you want me to enhance?

A clever enough hour, but I expect more so close to the end.

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