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The Good Fight 1×09 – Self Condemned

"In my experience, Maia, whenever somebody says, "The truth is," that usually means it's not."


Can we please take a moment and commend The Good Fight on the ingenious casting of Jane Lynch as federal agent Madeline Starkey? Lynch was the only reason to watch Glee a few years back, and she’s an absolute hoot here, hilariously balancing the character’s steely determination and sarcastic quips. In fact, I kind of wish Lynch joined the show a couple of episodes back, because every single one of her scenes with Lucca and Maia was perfect. Plus, her investigation brought Maia and Latter’s dynamic to the forefront as the latter hilariously defended her friend at every turn. Brilliant!

It’s also worth mentioning that this episode did a tremendous job of immersing us into Maia’s mindset. The use of flashbacks was exquisite, with reality and Maia’s memories blending together in spectacular fashion. I could never really tell what was real and what wasn’t, and that only added to the storyline’s effectiveness. The episode’s ending was especially powerful with Starkey vowing to prosecute Maia just in time for the finale and leaving her in tears. Uh oh.

Unfortunately, I was less impressed by Sweeney’s return. The alleged serial killer was one of The Good Wife‘s finest guest-stars ever, but unlike Elsbeth Tascioni and the rest of the recurring lineup, I feel like the show didn’t know how to utilize him properly. I was just not intrigued by his case, as it felt like a rehash of all his other appearances.

Bits & Cases

– Hilarious: the birds continuously slamming into Starkey’s window. Foreshadowing for Maia’s prospects?

– Sweeney mentions that Alicia wasn’t able to take on his case. I used to love his dynamic with Mrs. Florrick.

– A typical off-beat touch which The Good Wife used to trot out often: the painters outside Starkey’s office.

– Loved the diversity with this week’s judge: he’s on a wheelchair and he’s way too stubborn (not wanting his guard’s help). Hope we see more of him!

– So Maia’s mom used to meet with Jax every two weeks. Wow!

– Cheerworthy moment: Lucca corning Starkey’s and figuring out she’s not married. “Folksy” indeed.

– Even more cheer-worthy: Maia realizing she only signed before her birthday. Ha!

– Interesting revelation: Maia used to have a boyfriend. We also get to see the first time she met Amy.

– Love the parallels with Diane asking Eleanor about the Maddofs.

– Naftali Amando telling Sweeney to sit back down in that accent was hysterical.

– So did Maia always know about her dad but repressed it? Fascinating

– Adrian tells Diane they should get dinner sometime. Potential couple alert or purely platonic?

Good Lines

Madeline: Well, here’s the problem –
Lucca: It would be easier if you would just tell us a problem before there is a problem.

A clever but somewhat uneven penultimate episode. Bring on the finale!

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