Season Finale The Good Fight TV Review

The Good Fight 1×10 – Chaos

“I represent unscrupulous people, and you, you save children.”


I really wanted this to be a kickass finale. But sadly, much like the last few episodes of an otherwise stellar debut season, this was a good but not great episode.

Maybe it’s because I just couldn’t get too invested in the case of the week. I never liked Jason Biggs as an actor, and having him reprise his role as Dylan Stacks from The Good Wife didn’t exactly make for riveting television. More intriguing was Lucca getting caught in the middle, and having her new bff Maia defend her. In fact, Maia kicking the DA’s ass in court reminded me of Alicia Florrick standing up to herself in the first few seasons of the parent show. More of this please, and less Ponzi scheme shenanigans!

I also appreciated the added spotlight on Diane’s personal journey. After pushing Kurt away all season, it was definitely satisfying to see her let him back in after his terrifying accident. These two have really grown on me, and I suddenly find myself really rooting for them to succeed after their tumultuous history (and Kurt’s affair).  Plus I’m really enjoying Baranski’s chemistry with Gary Cole. They’re both ridiculously likable.

Although it was oh so predictable to see Henry turn his daughter in (that cliffhanger with Maia’s arrest did absolutely nothing for me), his decision does make his goodbye scene all the more memorable. You would assume he’s crying because he’s on his way to prison, not because he’ll be selfishly turning his own daughter in. Hopefully this betrayal will push Maia on a more empowering and resilient journey next season.

Bits & Cases

– Notice that the opening song (“You were right about everything” by Erin McKeown) was also used in the pilot. #Symmetry

– Love the fact that Lucca now has a bigger office and is on track to become partner.

– Maia not taking no for an answer and tailing Boseman was perfect. I can totally see him becoming her father-figure throughout the show’s run since her real dad is so despicable.

– I liked the little titbit with Lenore saying she can’t go to the hair salon anymore (thanks to the scandal). If only the show explored her journey more this year.

– The fact that Marissa is coming after Jay’s job makes me so amused. I just love these two.

– Mr. Staples is back. Yay. #SenseMySarcasm.

– Adrian cornering Colin on the stand was badass.

– The callback to Will Gardner’s death with the shot of the shoes in the hospital was a little too heavy-handed for me. But it also sorta worked.

– I wish we saw more of the aftermath of the blackout. The finale was called Chaos after all.

– Did no-one else find it way too soap opera-ish to have Barbara jealously overhear Adrian and Diane bonding? This show is better than that.

– In case you needed confirmation, Henry finally admitted that he was guilty to Maia.

– Amy was a non-entity this year wasn’t she? Missed opportunity if you ask me.

– Lucca and Maia as bffs is the best thing on earth. Lots more of these two next season please!

Good Lines

Adrian: Okay, Maia, watch what I do. Eye contact, always. Don’t back down. Advance. Don’t ever, ever, ever retreat.

Lucca: My convict.
Maia: My lawyer!

Lucca: Wow. Looks like a soft-porn movie in here.

Definitely not the groundbreaking hour I wanted it to be. Still, this was solid hour and a terrific debut season.

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