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Grey’s Anatomy 13×21 – Don’t Stop Me Now

"I got divorced, raised a baby on my own, I found a new man, became that new man’s boss. Sound familiar?"


Well that was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen.

The entire worms-inside-a-patient subplot started off as a bit comical, often reminding me of the show’s early seasons. However, it got more horrifying and revolting as time passed. It didn’t help that neither the patient herself nor the boyfriend were very memorable to begin with, and the message the episode was sending about revealing all your secrets (re: worms) to move on felt very heavy-handed, even for this show.

On the other hand, the worms couldn’t have chosen a better episode to show up. They perfectly paralleled every other subplot this week, especially Maggie finally finding out about Meredith and Riggs. This secret has been both infuriating and underwhelming all season long, so it’s liberating to see some progress here before the finale – even if it means listening to Maggie acting childish and blowing things way out of proportion. Again.

Also a relief is watching Richard and Catherine come to a satisfying reconciliation, thanks to Bailey. The Catherine/Bailey parallels were amazingly accurate as well, and it shocks me that I never realized how similar these two strong women are. This storyline luckily surpassed my expectations as I was almost certain the writers were setting up Catherine as the jealous wife early on in the season. Plus, the final shot of her and Richard laughing at the pictures of the worms is the perfect ending to this episode; while Grey’s Anatomy has never been known for its dry humor, that final scene did manage to bring everything together in a way that felt both heartwarming and strangely funny.

Bits & Scalpels

– Loved that they brought back Veronica (Brigid Brannagh) who last appeared on Roar, the sixth episode of the season. Her entire story was expectedly devastating and heartbreaking this week.

– Maggie coming to her own conclusion after seeing Riggs touch Meredith during the press conference was a bit overdramatic.

– Bailey running away from April after finding out she had worms in her hair was priceless!

– Bailey running away from April after finding out she had worms in her hair was priceless!

– The funky music playing when Veronica is delivering her baby was strangely amusing.

– April stopping at the scrub room door to say “very” again to Bailey made me like her for the first time ever.

– Tear-jerking moment as Veronica says “I’m tired” and asks not to be resuscitated after surgery. Why do all the good patients die?

– Bailey snapping at Catherine and putting some sense into her was immensely satisfying (read her entire monologue below).

– The show hasn’t used its entire cast properly this season. Not that I’m complaining, but it feels like we haven’t seen Owen, Amelia, Jo or DeLuca in ages. Maybe it’s time to kill off some of these people in the finale? #WishfulThinking

Grey Banter

Alex: Planes have taken a lot from you. When have they given you something good?
Meredith: Gave me a hospital.

Bailey: Worms? Your patient threw up worms
April: There was only one.
Bailey: That’s one too many.

Bailey: (to Catherine) I got divorced, raised a boy on my own. I found a new man, became that new man’s boss. Sound familiar? See, I know it can feel impossible at times, but I figured it out. I know what I’m doing, which is how I know that you do not. You do not know how to be married. Not to a real man, to someone who’s your equal, your champion, who loves you and respects you, and is mad as hell at you, because I do. I’ve done this. I do this. And I plan to grow old with my man and to have old-people-sex. Well, don’t you want to have old-people-sex, Catherine? Because that’s what you’ll get if you set your ego aside and listen to me instead of dismissing me the way you keep dismissing your own damn husband! (Pause) Ma’am. Doctor Avery. Good night.

Catherine: (about the worms) That thing is awful.
Richard: I’m telling you, it was like I can’t believe Discovery Channel aren’t here or something.

Must-Download Tunes
Already All Ready by La’Porsha Renae
Angels by Khalid
Boy Like You by Weslee
Old Friends by Jasmine Thompson

Not as exciting or gripping as last week, but still a solid installment packed with some much-needed momentum.

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