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American Gods 1×04 – Git Gone

"The air feels constipated, like if it'd just push out a storm, it'd be okay."


I never would have expected a Laura-centric episode this soon in the show’s run; hell I never thought Laura would be a main character on American Gods since she was killed off in the pilot. But this? This was one hell of an episode.

Sure you could argue that Git Gone halted the show’s momentum by exclusively focusing on the previously unexplored character, but the flashbacks ended up giving the show’s entire world even greater depth. Emily Browning showcased tremendous range as Laura, a multi-dimensional character who is both likeable and strangely destructive. I was most fascinated by the fact that she tried killing herself before meeting Shadow, and how that relationship didn’t really stop her from returning to those suicidal tendencies. Moreover, by bringing her back to life as a zombie, the show can continue to mine her hilarious relationship with Audrey while allowing her to make amends with poor Shadow.

Sure it’s kind of anticlimactic that this is the second episode to end with the same scene, but it felt particularly necessary. Not only do we now know that Laura is the one who saved Shadow in the pilot with her new superhuman strength, but we can now watch her dynamic with Shadow unfold in a whole new manner. Something tells me that Emily Browning and Ricky Whittle are up for the job; their chemistry is electric!

Bits & Shadows

– Typically awesome American Gods slow-mo: the fly crashing to its death.

– Love how Laura realizes that Shadow is trying to cheat his way through the casino.

– Very funny moment with Laura visibly bored during sex until she slaps Shadow and he takes her doggy-style.

– Anubis is back! But I’m unsure who snapped Laura into the sky and brought her back to the world. Was it simply Mad Sweeney’s coin, or maybe something to do with Wednesday?

– The darkly comic bathroom scene between Audrey and a zombie Laura pooping her guts out is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

– Why does Laura always have Woody Woodpecker cartoons on TV?

– My heart broke when Laura found her dead cat, but I was sure that would make her turn to Robbie for sex.

– Suitably twisted: Laura asking Robbie to sing while she gives him the blowjob.

– The shot of Laura walking through suburbia while carrying her arm: unforgettable .

– I love that Laura sees Shadow as a beautiful glowing light.

– Anubis promises to deliver Laura to darkness eventually. Tick tock!

– Finally Laura found a solution for the bugs with the flypaper (no more bug spray!). It’s a crafty visual touch to showcase Laura’s growth!

Godly Quips

Shadow: Uh, could I get a gin and tonic, please?
Laura: That’s your drink?
Shadow :Best drinks have self-defining names. Order a Manhattan, God knows what you’re going to get, but you order gin and tonic, Jack and Coke, it’s not just a name. It’s a command.

Laura: Do you believe in the afterlife?
Shadow: I don’t know. I mean, my mom did.She seemed pretty sure. She used to say, uh, “All I know is there’s more than I know.
Laura: Yeah, I think that might sound wiser than it is.

Laura: Where do I pass through?
Anubis: In life you believed in nothing. You will go to nothing. You will be done. There will be darkness.
Laura: And peace?
Anubis: There will be darkness.

Anubis: Death is not a debate.

Laura: Does Shadow know?
Audrey: Yeah, he knows. I tried to fuck him on your grave. Seemed only fair.
Laura: Yeah, that does seem fair.
Audrey: I’m not proud of myself. I had Robbie buried with his penis, you know, that you bit off, shoved up his ass. I was vulgar. I’m a vulgar woman. Anger and grief have have really just made me vulgar. Laura, I found out that you and Robbie were dead and having an affair in the same sentence. Maybe it wasn’t the same sentence. It was the same breath.
Laura: Might have been a run-on sentence.
Audrey: God, you know, I should thank you. I should thank both of you. It’s so much easier grieving someone when you’re glad they’re dead.
Laura: Thoughtful of you to make us a scrapbook.
Audrey: Fuck you, Laura. I make scrapbooks because memories lie. I wish I had a picture of you fucking Robbie for the album. I’d glue it down, glitter it, give it a little pipe cleaner matte.
Laura: I feel terrible.
Audrey: Oh, fuck your feelings. Everyone has feelings. Everyone cares about what they feel. I don’t care about what you feel.

Anubis: Love will always have you at a disadvantage.
Laura: Well, I think being dead has made a disadvantage.

A surprisingly touching episode with sharp character insight.

Nad Rating

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  1. Wow wow, this was my FAVORITE episode so far. I don't know why I loved this so much, even more so than the previous episode but I was absolutely captivated by Laura's journey. While this one didn't have the distinctive visual touches this show has produced before, I still found it gripping. And what an amazing actress – best casting choice yet.

    I laughed out loud at the Laura/Audrey bathroom scene. Such a hilarious lighthearted scene in a rather dark hour. I can't wait to see more of this dynamic.

    And I love how she sees Shadow as this glowing light. If you don't root for these two characters, this show will MAKE you care for them. What a nice touch.

    Everything about Laura's superhuman strength (and that ARM!!) was just so fantastic. I wonder if the whole thing with the fly is just because she's a dead woman or if there's something else behind that.

    Can't wait for next week now!

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