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The Sinner – Season One

"God doesn't mind if you're sick".


I love it when a show comes out of nowhere and hooks me right until the very end. With its bold central performance and disturbing subject matter, The Sinner did exactly that.

To reveal too much would be a disservice to the show’s mystery, but The Sinner is basically the story about one very disturbed woman who commits a shocking act of violence out of the blue. It’s a genuinely anxiety-inducing show; I often found myself feeling uneasy and unsettled, and yet… I couldn’t stop watching. The show does an impeccable job of weaving together its mystery across the span of eight very compelling hours. So many shows drop the ball after a couple of episodes, but this brief season does an excellent job of slowly revealing the different pieces of the puzzle.

Of course the entire show would fall apart if it wasn’t for Jessica Biel’s astounding performance. I was never a fan of the actress, but she is downright exceptional in the role. In fact, she perfectly captures the nuances of Cora Tanneti, our protagonist, and the immense trauma of her ordeal. Biel in fact reminded me of Elisabeth Moss’ recent Emmy-winning turn in The Handmaid’s Tale. She conveys so much without much dialogue, and that’s a real testament to her skill. I certainly have newfound respect for the actress.

You could certainly argue that the show’s finale is a tad rushed, but it still does an effective job of bringing everything together and tying up all the loose ends. While there is a possibility for a second season centering on another mystery (be sure to read this interview with the show’s creator explaining the finale’s twists and future prospects), I would be satisfied with the show ending here. I got my closure, and I was fascinated by the ride from start to finish.

It’s creepy and definitely not for everyone, but if you’re willing to experience something truly dark, then The Sinner is not to be missed.

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  1. This show really became one of my favorites shows of the year. Much like Big Little Lies, I find that I’m gonna miss these characters!

    Weird that I didn’t find the finale rushed at all! Wasn’t too fond of the masked nurse twist but still found the whole thing so riveting!

    Also, please no season two!

    1. Rushed in that I felt like we didn’t get any answers all year long and then suddenly everything was revealed in ten minutes. Kind of wish it was more spaced out over the last two episodes. Still, terrific show and so glad we discovered it! 😀

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