The Mick

The Mick 2×01 – The Hotel

"There's no room service. There's no spa! The only frickin' amenity is a fricking Bible!"


The Mick was one of the most delightful surprises of the past year. I didn’t expect this bizarre little comedy to be so darn hilarious, but every episode of the show’s breakout first season was an absolute hoot.

As for this season premiere? Well it’s just as funny. In fact, it takes everything we know about the show, and pushes the narrative forward by carrying on with the mansion’s destruction in the season finale. Of course the gang is back in their luxurious palace by episode’s end (although it’s still burnt to a crisp), but that’s doesn’t stop their numerous hotel hijinks. Pairing Katilin Olsen and Sofia Black D’Elia is always a good idea (their chemistry is off the charts) so I loved watching them try and blackmail the family’s money manager to disastrous results. Everything from the junkie makeover (creatively juxtaposed with the exorcism) to the car crash was terrific.

I’ve often wondered why Jimmy was still on the show as he always seemed like the weakest personality in a sitcom filled with standouts. The Hotel gave him what was probably his finest subplot yet as he taught Chip his tricks for mooching off a hotel. The robe, the room number, the whole “Staying wet” shtick –  all these little touches made this story a winner in my book. Plus it certainly feels like the dynamic between the two is evolving into newfound respect! Woohoo, growth!

Alba is the certainly one of The Mick‘s highlights (Carla Jimenez is a knockout performer), and I just love it when the show pairs her with Ben. Their subplot in the premiere was predictably insane with Ben tying up his nanny and trying to exorcise a demon out of her after watching a religious nutjob on TV. This narrative doesn’t get much screen-time but it’s bonkers in all the right ways.

Rich Bits

– Alba trashing the cheap hotel room killed me. Actually, everything she does kills me.

– The kind of unorthodox joke this show does so well:  Mickey bribing the junkie with water of all things.

– Loved Jimmy throwing a fit to save his “son” from the hotel manager.

– Mickey diving into the pool and almost breaking her neck to no avail cracked me up.

Cheap Shots

Jimmy: Let’s get you a robe.
Chip: Why?
Jimmy: Because no one ever questions a man in a robe.

Jimmy: Yesterday, there was an insurance brokers convention. Had a pasta bar. I’d put it up against any spot in Italy.
Chip: You’ve been to Italy?
Jimmy: I don’t have to go to Italy to know this was good.

An excellent sophomore premiere from one of television’s whackiest comedies.

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