Superstore 3×01 – Grand Re-Opening

"Don't sigh! I can hear you sighing!"


Welcome to the golden age of comedy. Sitcoms today are immensely creative; whether it’s the sheer brilliance of The Good Place, the whacky antics of Trial & Error or Superstore‘s endearing smarts. We’re really spoiled for choice!

Now this isn’t the show’s strongest hour, but the past two seasons have been so incredible that it would take a lot for Superstore to lose the goodwill I’ve invested in it. It helps that the cast is exceptional across the board; every character just fits and offers something different. It’s a truly successful ensemble in every way, and their close proximity within the store ensures no one is ever left out of the proceedings.

The show’s writing staff has also exhibited remarkable restraint when it comes to Jonah and Amy’s budding relationship. It’s been a real slow-burn and now that her marriage is out of the picture (love how she dropped that bombshell under that minion get-up), we can finally see what the show would look like with our duo finally together. Let’s see if that sexual tension will fizzle out as a result.

Bits from the Store

– Hilarious sequence with Glenn constantly getting interrupted as he tries to give his staff that inspirational speech.

– Although it’s such a small subplot, I’m so amused by Sandra leaving Carol to die in the tornado, and Carol trying to get retribution by almost dumping a heavy box on Sandra’s head.

– The montage with all the Cloud 9 employees rushing to get the store ready is gold. Especially loved the pharmacy debacle.

– I can’t believe it took Glenn two seasons to notice his voice sounds odd.

– Jeff has a toupee now, and he does Zumba (which he pronounces in the most annoying way possible).

– The blown-up aisle pic made me laugh.

– Howie Mandell’s  guest-starring turn was useless, except for that moment where he couldn’t perform because of his “booking”.

– Mateo’s sound test with the fan was absolutely priceless.

– I can’t wait to see Jonah and Garrett as roommates. This should be good!

Cloudy Quotes

Garrett: I could do it. It’s just that it’s really cramped.
Jonah: Sure, sure, yeah.
Mateo: Oh. I thought you had a two-bedroom.
Garrett: Sure, yes, you know, if you want to get architectural about it, then yes, I do have a second bedroom, but, when you use a wheelchair, you need multiple bedrooms.
Jonah: Oh.
Mateo: Why?
Garrett: Safety. Excuse me, gotta go.

Dina: Okay, I found a costume shop with two Minion costumes.
Glenn: Do I have a weird voice?
Dina: Yeah. It’s preposterous. Anyway, I guess they were rented for some birthday party, but the kid was murdered or kidnapped, or changed his mind or something. I don’t know. I wasn’t listening.

Glenn: House rules. Do not touch my video game stuff. No talking during “Game of Thrones. No cooking fish. And leave me out of your coffee-making process.
Jonah: I’ll have to, because it’s a French single press.
Glenn: I do not like fragrant soaps. On Wednesday, my black friends come over, so do not be around. What else? Parking spots. You don’t get one.

Not the show’s finest hour, but still a very entertaining season premiere.

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