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The Gifted 1×01 – eXposed

"I think you might be a mutant too with some sort of snoring ability."

There’s nothing particularly groundbreaking about The Gifted. It’s your typical on-the-run adventure with an X-Men twist. And yet, it hits all the right beats and makes for an engaging debut.

If you’ve watched any X-Men film, you know the drill: super-powered “mutants”, shadowy governments conspiracies on the hunt, and a recurrent metaphor about discrimination. What differentiates The Gifted is its solid cast. As the show’s matriarch, Amy Acker grounds the show with a healthy dose of determination and heart. I’ve followed Acker across countless shows (Angel, Alias, Dollhouse) and she’s equally great here with her steely resolve in protecting her children. Her husband is played by none other than True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer. His role is an ironic one; he earns a living prosecuting mutants, but soon finds himself on the run with his family after his son and daughter’s true natures are revealed. Speaking of the kids, both Natalie Lind and Percy White do a terrific job as the gifted offspring with volatile abilities. Casting the right teenagers for the role is always tricky but I’m pleased to report that both performers deliver.

Elsewhere, we’ve got an underground mutant network with a range of powers ranging from teleportation (hello Jaime Chung as Blink), photon manipulation (Sean Teale as Eclipse) and magnestism manipulation (Emma Dumon as Polaris). The latter leaves the most impression, and I’m most eager to see where her journey goes next.

Xtra Bits

– Favorite scene: Caitlin discovering that BOTH of her kids are mutants. Their subsequent escape as Sentinel Services bust in is immensely thrilling.

– So where are the X-Men? They just “disappeared”?

– Lorna is pregnant. Uh oh. Apparently there’s a rumor flying around that she could be Magneto’s daughter. I love that possiblity.

– Loved Lauren comparing mutant powers to a “sneeze”. Simple and effective.

– Thankfully, there’s a lot of chemistry in the Strucker family scenes.

– Sentinel’s robot insects are horrifying aren’t they? I was so thrilled to see Andy successfully demolish them in the end.

– Badass cliffhanger with Blink opening a portal for everyone to escape but Reed getting shot before he can cross.

A promising and exciting debut from Marvel’s family adventure. I’m definitely onboard.

Nad Rating


  1. Loved this pilot! I think the most impressive thing about it is that it’s not groundbreaking at all and yet very entertaining and thrilling.

    Had a bit of a Heroes vibe to it (the girl sure looks a lot like Hayden Panettiere) and also felt like I’m watching a late ’90s show (which is a compliment). I love that the premise involves them all being on the run (also DA vibe perhaps?), unlike all the other superhero shows where they’re trying to save the city/world/universe. Very refreshing.

    Please review every episode! I’m suddenly super hyped and optimistic about this one now.

    1. You’re right it does have a Heroes vibe to it but much better (prob because I freakin’ adore Amy Acker).
      I will certainly try to review all the episodes! Thanks Chris!

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