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The Good Place 2×04 – Team Cockroach

"Hey, how's this for my oh-my-God-I'm-in-Heaven face?"


This hour could be best described as a table-setting episode.

Truth be told, I’m used to more explosive hours from The Good Place. Every episode does such a bang-up job of moving things forward and burning through plot at light speed, that a more low-key episode such as this one is bound to somewhat disappoint. Nevertheless, an okay episode of this show is┬ástill a heck of a good time.

Team Cockroach is solely dedicated to getting us on board with the team joining forces with Michael. In fact, a great deal of its running time comprises our gang navigating the pros and cons of taking up Michael on his deal. Perhaps a lesser show would have just barreled through this development, so I respect The Powers That Be for really taking their time and making sure we find this merger believable. Now that everybody is on the same side, we can get to the good stuff (and hey, Janet’s on board so that’s a hoot).

Thankfully, we get a ton of cool character moments to make this episode worthwhile. Chief among them is the revelation of Tahani’s death. We’ve long known about her obsession with her insanely successful sister Kamilah, but the sequence leading up to Tahani’s demise are absolutely hysterical (Hall of fame after a debut album, really?). Jameela Jamil is a true gem, and every time she gets more screen-time I’m especially pleased.

Bits & Places

– Jason playing with the “shiny” thing was hilarious.

– Note that this Janet is the most “advanced in the universe” due to being rebooted over 800 times. Wow.

– Of course the most traumatic part for Tahani is that she died in “Cleveland” of all places.

– I know I’m often hard on Chidi who is the most boring member of the cast, but I do recognize how important he is to the narrative, especially as how he’s basically Eleanor’s moral compass.

– The prospect of Michael having to attend Ethics class with the gang is just gold.

Heavenly Quips

Michael: If he finds out, we’re all in hot water. Literally. They will boil us. We will be the main ingredient in a chowder of pain.

Eleanor: What’s that super tiny line?
Michael: That’s the shortest one, eight seconds. It was a butt reboot. I sat on the activator by mistake.

Michael: I gotta say, it took me a long time to get used to – the hanging bits.
Eleanor: Gross.
Michael: Oh, get your mind out of the gutter, Eleanor. I was talking about my testicles.

Michael: We’re running out of time and
Eleanor: I’m your only option? A lot of guys your age said that to me just as the bar was about to close. But I never settled for them.

Michael: There’s a way to get to the real Good place. It’s complicated. It may take a while to arrange especially since I’ll have to do it in secret but yes, yes, there is a potential method of transportation.
Tahani: Wait, is it nice? Is there a business class? Can I pre-board?

Reporter: As you know, she released her debut album only six months ago and yet, the critics thought it was so brilliant that the Hall of Fame decided to waive its 25 year waiting period.

Michael: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing. How do I explain this? I’m basically an exterminator and you’re cockroaches. My job was to squish you and poison you and yet, somehow, my very survival now depends on you, the cockroaches, agreeing to help me. That’s funny.
Eleanor: We’re cockroaches to you?
Michael: Yeah. Or dung beetles. I don’t know. Something small and gross that creeps on the ground in its own filth. Just being honest.

Michael: I’m an immortal being with abilities you can only dream
Eleanor: Yeah, and we’re in Arizona, dirtbag. A human turtleneck, a narcissistic monster, and literally the dumbest person I’ve ever met.
Jason: And who am I? Describe me now.

Jason: And, um, Janet, you’re not gonna – rat us out, right?
Janet: Well, Jason, I’ve been thinking about this a lot over the last 1.3 milliseconds.

Not the most hilarious of hours, but still an entertaining enough diversion.

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