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Will & Grace 9×02 – Who’s Your Daddy?


“Who’s Your Daddy?” feels like a return to form for Will & Grace, even though it suffered from some minor missteps.

One of the first things this episode does is give us a better look into these characters’ lives eleven years later, something the premiere sadly glossed over. It’s completely realistic to see how unsuccessful Will and Jack’s dating lives have been over the years, considering they are basically in their 50s now. A point can also be made that Jack’s shenanigans became ridiculous with every passing moment this week, but Will’s storyline was undoubtedly eye-opening as it shed some light on the differences between gay men in the ’90s and today. His speech to Ben Platt, while a bit heavy-handed, is powerful, impeccably performed by Eric McCormack, and cements why this show is relevant in 2017.

Less successful is Karen and Grace’s lousy subplot. While I think Megan Mullally can do no wrong (and her performance has been award-worthy already), locking her and Grace in a shower is ludicrous and not that funny. I sure missed seeing Mullally’s hilarious physical comedy on screen, but unfortunately the plot went nowhere. Let’s hope she and Debra Messing get to show off their acting chops in more creative manners in future episodes.

Bits & Quibbles

– Don’t judge, but I had no idea who Ben Platt (Pitch Perfect and Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen) was before I looked him up. #Guilty #NotATheatreGuy

– I get where they were going with the millennial stances, but Ben’s own “Grace” on the phone during the date was annoying.

– Interesting that the writers decided to keep Rosario off-screen (a la Stan) instead of killing the character off, but I’m already loving her replacement, Bridget. And she calls Karen “mum”!

– I have to admit it was hilarious watching Jack struggle to take a seat with Karen’s “toys” on him.

– The Karen and Grace subplot should have been resolved within seconds by Grace acknowledging that Karen does nothing, but giving her a raise anyway.

– Were the writers hinting at a possible Will/Jack hookup at the end? That would be quite an intriguing storyline to pursue, but I’m not sure I want them to go there just yet (or ever?).

Karen Quips

Grace: Why’d I stop going? Oh, I remember. I got tired of you introducing me as your drag queen friend Judy Ism.

Bridget: Rosario said “don’t leave until the woman pays us what we’re worth”.
Karen: Did she call me the A-word, the B-word or the C-word?

Karen: You tell Rosario that you and the staff can have your raise.
Bridget: Thank you, mum.
Karen: Everyone deserves a little dignity. On your way down, there’s some dried puke in the library. And find out who’s been reading.

Grace: You don’t need a raise. You’re in the top 1% of income and blood alcohol level.
Karen: It’s not my fault that people can’t marry money and hold their liquor.

Jack: What’s your name?
Man: Lincoln. My mom named me after our country’s greatest car.
Jack: You look like a car in need of a jack.

Will: Jack, you don’t need makeup.
Jack: I told him I was 25.
Will: Work from the neck up and keep the lights low.

Grace: Karen, please think! What was the safe word?
Karen: Well, I know it’s something that really kills the mood for me sexually.
Grace: Oh, oh! Sobriety! No, Hilary Clinton!
Karen: Oh, that’s actually kind of a turn-on.

Less politics and more fun seems like the Will & Grace we’re all used to and love, despite the ridiculous Karen and Grace subplot this week. More of this, please!

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