Scandal 7×02 – Pressing The Flesh

"Dirt Hold him upside down, see what falls out of his pockets."


That was pretty fun.

If Scandal can maintain this level of entertainment for the rest of the year, then the show just might leave the airwaves with its legacy intact. It helps that we’re finally watching a Scandal with Mellie as President. I so wish the show went there with this development long ago, but better late than never right?

If nothing else, Scandal‘s biggest accomplishment is the beautiful dynamic it’s crafted between Mellie and Olivia. The two started out with the typical wife/mistress antagonism, but it’s evolved into something much more than that. It’s not just a cliche friendship, seeing as how Liv still keeps secrets from her President, but it’s oh so layered and complex. You can tell that Washington and Young love this dynamic as much as we do.

Of course even more than that, Bellamy Young is doing tremendous work as President Grant. The way Mellie handles President Rashad is brilliant, and the sparks between the two is undeniable by episode’s end. Guest-star Faran Tahir is perfectly cast in the role, and I do hope he comes back soon. The prospect of two Presidents dating is just ripe with potential.

Pressing The Flash also introduces iconic Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris as billionaire Fenton Glackland. Norris is terrific in the role as a bored “Forbes 100 upstart” who’s now thinking of running for President (hello Trump!). His chemistry with Cyrus is already a hoot to watch, and I look forward to seeing more of the character going forward. The show is definitely laying the seeds for a romantic relationship though, although it would be refreshing to have two gay characters on the show that AREN’T together. Fingers crossed.

Finally, I know many viewers might not enjoy Olivia and Curtis but I’m quite amused by Olivia’s treatment of him (the roles are reversed and it’s obvious she’s just enjoying his company for the physical aspect). Of course that changes a tad at the end when she invites him over only for Fitz to make his return. Groan. Does anyone even miss that toxic relationship?

Scandalous Bits

– The Roosevelt pool is actually the B613 Command Center. Didn’t see that one coming.

– How great is Mellie’s speech about the President needing an orgasm? Read it in its entirety below.

– Quinn lies and says she and Charlie are married to get clients at the gala. Hilarious. These two have grown on me so much. Even their fights are a hoot.

– President Rashad reminds Liv that she threatened a child in the season premiere. She really has become “the devil” huh?

– Huck was kind of funny at the gala. I liked how he snuck a number of cellphones in.

– I’m bored of Abby and David. Anyone else?

– The assassin subplot was a tad undercooked, but much needed to get President Rashad on Mellie’s side.

– Glackland sends Cyrus the $103 million dollar painting: The Boy in the Red Vest. That’s some expensive seduction right there.


Cyrus: Or is it because I’m gay, and he’s gay, and you think we speak some secret gay language?

Charlie: You’re not Rihanna or Adele. The White House isn’t gonna issue invites to “Huck” or “Charlie.

Olivia: If only the world would allow you to do this job and still be you, right? Being a woman doesn’t make you original. You sound just like Fitz, who sounded just like every other President.
Mellie: But I’m not. I’m not just POTUS. I am Single Female POTUS. Do you know what that means? It means I’m a human chastity belt. Men have, historically, always had trouble getting turned on by powerful women the idiots. And when that powerful woman is the leader of the free world? Olivia, there is a famine in my lady bits. My vagina is beautiful, she is welcoming, but she is getting treated like a murder house. I can’t get anything there.
Olivia: Okay! So that is a colorful visual I did not need.
Mellie: You know what I need? I need a vibrator.ย The President needs a vibrator. Can I get one? No. Can I go into a store and buy one? No! I can’t order one online. I don’t have a credit card anymore. I’m definitely not gonna ask the military valet who attends to my personal items to go and pick one up for me. I can’t ask any staffer, really, because, I mean, think of the political tea the Democrats could spill. The headline “Staffer forced to purchase sex toys for President Grant. You want to talk about the crown jewel of the American prison system? I can’t even smuggle an orgasm into this place.

Mellie: If I can’t get laid, I can, at least, do something about nuclear proliferation.

Curtis: Big surprise.
Olivia: What?
Curtis: Nothing It’s your knack for spin. It is astounding.
Olivia: It’s not spin. It’s the truth.
Curtis: Do you even know the difference anymore? –

Even stronger than the season premiere, Pressing The Flesh is another step in the right direction.

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  1. I think Curtis’s question to Olivia about whether she knows the difference between the spin and the truth will play a major role in her journey this season.

  2. This season certainly feels like it has a new energy so I agree in hoping that momentum keeps going. Fitz and Eli coming back make me worried though because they often have grown into big weak points for the show as time has gone on. This is especially true of her father because B6-13 as a whole has disappointing because itโ€™s been so vaguely defined in terms of its influence and power over the years.

    With that being said, I surprisingly like Olivia as the new head of B6-13. In your opinion do you think her taking over command could have work had it come a couple of seasons earlier? It has a lot more potential as an idea than I thought it did.

    1. So true. Fitz and Eli are the worst and completely ruin the show when they’re hanging around. I hated everything about B613 and aways felt like it weakened the show.

      You’re right about Olivia taking power a few seasons before. I definitely think that would have made that annoying organization more bearable. Thanks for commenting ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts in future episodes!

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