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Grey’s Anatomy 14×04 – Ain’t That a Kick in The Head

"You think having a lot of money is tough? Try not having it some time."


What a terrific hour.

I knew that Amelia’s surgery would be somewhat hard to watch, but I had no idea it would be THIS affecting. In fact, this episode was less concerned with the actual surgery, and more with the traumatic aftermath. I love when Grey’s changes up its format a bit (beginning with the Amelia voiceover this week), but this hour added even more nifty touches such as making us hear Amelia’s mind when she’s still unable to speak. It’s so heartbreaking to hear her scream internally as Deluca tries to carry her, or when her fellow doctors attempt to communicate with her. I kind of wish the episode ran with that storytelling device for the entire hour, but it was still mighty effective.

When promoting this season, The Powers That Be focused on the fact that Grey’s would become more “lighthearted” after a dark few years. This concept made me nervous because I hate it when a show’s tone is tinkered with due to some network mandate. Thankfully, I’m pleased to report that I’m loving the show’s vibe thus far. It’s still affecting and powerful, and yet, there’s a hilarious comedic streak that’s both amusing and uplifting. I do hope they can continue to juggle this balance going forward because it’s certainly help the show fire on all cylinders.

Now how refreshing is the Meredith-Riggs-Megan love triangle? There’s no animosity or pettiness; it’s all so mature and realistic. It’s particularly great to see Megan and Meredith have so much respect for one another, and laugh over sending Riggs each other’s way. Moreover, the whole situation gets a welcome shot of heart when Riggs brings Faruq back from Baghdad. If you didn’t get all teary eyed when Megan was reunited with her son, then you my friend have no heart.

Finally let’s take a moment and appreciate the amazing Catherine Avery and the whole subplot with Richard being jealous of Tom. It’s so satisfying to see a woman so unapologetic and confident, and Debbie Allen (who is also an esteemed director on the show) continues to knock the role out of the park. The family dynamic between her Richard, Maggie and Jackson is on-point (how amusing was that dinner scene?) and seriously made me smile throughout. Plus the perfection of Catherine reminding Jackson that Maggie is his “sister” was epic. Now can we please put those “romantic” vibes to rest?

Bits & Scalpels

– So who else has done the voiceover since the beginning of the show? I vaguely remember Derek, Webber, Bailey, Cristina and a few others. Actually I particularly remember one finale in which EVERYONE got to speak a line. It was glorious.

– Amazing pre-surgery speech by Amelia as she gives them all tasks and says she loves them. And then she realizes that she doesn’t know if it’s her or the tumor talking and that’s such a gut-wrenching realization.

– Amelia getting everyone to do the superhero pose with the epic music in the OR. Magnificent!

– So many hilarious interns during the interviews: there’s the ginger-haired guy who talks to himself, the veiled girl (woohoo diversity), the whispering chick, the guy who lists losing his virginity as an accomplishment, the guys that gets rejected by his number one choice during the interview, the girl with the dog in her purse, and finally the chick who takes a selfie with Bailey and Webber. Hysterical stuff.

– Love the POV shot of Amelia opening her eyes and seeing everyone hovering above her. I really felt like I was in her place (and it was borderline anxiety inducing).

– There’s a “Post-Op day 1” timer on-screen. Did they write Day 2, 3 etc…?? Cause I can’t remember seeing them. Weird.

– Such a sad sight: Amelia crying from the pain because she doesn’t want a painkiller that could get her addicted again.

– Perfect touch: Amelia speaking French since she once attended a French pre-school.

– Arizona sits next to April in the hospital bed. It’s a cute bonding moment for the duo.

CHILLING spine-tingling moment: Amelia saying “you should call Derek.” Uh oh.

– How stunning is Catherine’s house? Damn.

– So Jackson doesn’t want his quarter of a billion dollar inheritance. I’ll take em. Gladly.

– DeLuca’s best moment in years: bringing Amelia her tumor and explaining how that’s the thing she’s been “missing”. Wow.

– It’s a small subplot, but Jo decides to take her name off Meredith’s clinical trail so her husband doesn’t find her.

– If you’re wondering what Ben is training for, that would be Shonda Rhimes’ new firefighter spinoff.

– Tom calls Catherine “Kitkat”. Gotta say that’s so perfect!

Grey Banter

Amelia: She didn’t come for my wedding. She doesn’t get to come for my tumor.

Amelia: And if I need unplugging, April has been named my power of attorney. She likes me. She will be there for you. But we’re not so close that she’ll let emotion dictate her decision.

Amelia: When you’re going into surgery, you worry you won’t wake up.
But with brain surgery, you worry you will wake up but you won’t be there when you do.

Arizona: I still can’t believe that masturbation diagnosed a brain tumor?
Carina: Yeah. God works in such mysterious ways.

Megan: For what it’s worth, I told him you were the real deal. I sent him to you.
Meredith: And I sent him to you. Pretty firmly.
(They laugh)
Megan: I think we broke his brain.

Catherine: (to Richard) I’ve been on this planet for six decades. There have been penises in my life that are not attached to you.

Jackson: That’s not a gift, Mom. It’s an economy.

Maggie: I mean, I don’t know what it’s like to have Beyonce money, but I do know that research shows that having too many choices is a leading cause of stress. And now Jackson can literally choose to do anything for the rest of his life. You could buy a vineyard and never work again. Or you could buy a hospital and work until the day you die. Even if you give it away, you have to decide who gets it and who doesn’t. You could buy an island. Or you could buy two islands and make them fight each other. I mean, I get that you’re not complaining. But it is a problem. It is stressful.

Tom: Do you know where you are?
Amelia: I’m at work.
Tom: Do you know who the president is?
Amelia: I wish I didn’t.
Tom: Very good.

Tom: (to Amelia) It’s been a pleasure being treated by me.

Intern: And I’m so excited to see all the changes you make when you rebuild.
Bailey: We already rebuilt.
Intern: Right! No. Of course you did. It’s gorgeous! Who’s your designer?

Intern: I try to connect with them over an anecdote or a shared experience. I think patient connection is just as important as surgical dexterity.
Bailey: Well, nobody ever bled out from rudeness.

Must-Download Tunes
Silence by Grace Carter

Expertly balancing drama and comedy, this is a brilliant hour from Grey’s.

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  1. SO true! What an amazing hour of an already super impressive season. I really can’t get over how much this show means to me.

    Love that you mentioned the different voiceovers we’ve had on the show! If I’m not mistaken, the one you’re talking about is the season 2 finale, with the prom? And Bailey and Richard sitting with all the interns alone (well, kinda like in THIS episode if you think about it) to find out who helped Izzie cut the LVAD wire and all that. Good times.

    It’s crazy, but I noticed the Post-Op Day 1 thing then saw the Day 3 one (completely missed the 2 and anything after 3 if there were any). I find it hilarious you had a similar (yet different) experience with that timer hahha.

    I’m surprised but relieved they already resolved Amelia’s tumor storyline right away. It’s crazy, but I never liked her or felt any attachment to the character before this season. Amazing how they were able to turn that around.

    Richard and Bailey with the intern and her dog was TOO funny I actually laughed out loud. And don’t you just love Carina? I hope she sticks around for a while. And I’m shocked that I like DeLuca now! How DeLightful (sorry, had to).

    Finally, Amelia’s “president” line: EPIC.

    1. Oh so there was a day 3 timer! I totally didn’t see it! I guess we should rewatch and look for day 2!
      Love Carina. She adds such a fresh vibe to the show! DeLightful hahahahahaha epic!

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