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Kevin Probably Saves The World 1×01 – Pilot

"Angels are a human construct. Let's just say I'm a warrior for God."


It’s hard to pigeonhole Kevin Probably Saves The World. If I had to, I would say it’s a religious fantasy dramedy with a whole lot of heart. It’s a strange hybrid, and yet surprisingly, it works quite well.

The show’s premise isn’t too straightforward: after a failed suicide attempt, Kevin Finn moves in with his twin sister back home and meets an angelic being (called Yvette) who tasks him with saving the world (through hugs?). It’s pretty ridiculous, but executed with a lot of warmth and dare I say it… love.

As the titular character, Kevin Ritter does a fantastic job. You totally buy that he’s been through hell (Ritter showcases glimmers of pain beneath the surface) and that he’s searching for a new purpose in life. It helps that his chemistry with JoAnna Garcia (who plays his sister) and Chloe East (her daughter) is spot on. The trio really do feel like a family, and that injects the show with a lived-in vibe. The real star however is Kimberly Hebert Gregory who is hysterical as the “angel” Yvette. She’s equal parts sarcastic and wise, and she’s undoubtedly the greatest thing about this show.

I’m not sure how the show will look like week to week, but if it keeps me smiling from start to finish, I’m eager to find out.

Hopeful and uplifting, there’s a lot of potential in this pilot.

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