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The Gifted 1×03 – eXodus

"We can assault a building but we can't talk to a person?"


Three episodes later, I’m still pleasantly shocked by how mediocre yet highly entertaining this show has been.

Just like last week, eXodus splits the characters into several different storylines, but unlike last week, we have some exciting new developments as we’re introduced to Dreamer. I love that the writers introduced her before but left out the part about her being able to manipulate people’s memories. It’s an intriguing new superpower that has me excited, especially since her actions in the end (making Blink think she has a romantic connection with John) will undoubtedly lead to dramatic consequences in the future. Let’s hope this show doesn’t get too boggled down in unnecessary romantic triangles anytime soon though.

The Strucker’s family adventures continue to take center stage this week, this time with Caitlin asking for help from her brother Danny. While her actions don’t necessarily make a lot of sense (why leave the underground when you know it’s dangerous out there?) and Andy can be a little whiny sometimes, the scenes with Andy, Lauren and Scott make the show feel a lot more grounded. The fact that Scott sharing a picture from his phone can end up having such catastrophic effects feels very realistic in this day and age.

Finally, how great was the CGI this week? I still can’t get over how stunning those portals look, but if I have any complaints, it’s that we don’t see Lauren using her powers as often as Andy. I find her much more compelling than her brother, so let’s hope the writers utilize this mutant much more in the future.

Xtra Bits

– The opening flashback with Eclipse and Polaris reminiscing about the first time they used their powers for fun is stunning. Amazing how they made me care about this couple more in those 2 minutes than they did in the past 2 episodes.

– Who else is super interested in learning more about the woman who made Reed’s pain go away?

– Dr. Campbell failed in teaming up with Turner to get close to the Strucker kids. This still feels like an unnecessarily slow and disjointed subplot.

– The final shot of Caitlin saying goodbye to her brother and joining the team felt very superhero-ish to me. A bit too much perhaps?

Gifts & Quips

Polaris: Know why I started wearing steel-toed boots and metal bracelets?
Eclipse: Misguided fashion sense?

John: I’m pretty sure your spirit animal would bite me.
Blink: No, it’d rip your head off.
John: No, it’s impossible. My head can’t be ripped off.

Caitlin: Are you seriously suggesting we rob a bank?
Andy: Yeah.
Caitlin: I’m not hearing this.
Andy: Mom, why should we have to hold back when nobody else does?
Caitlin: Because people could get hurt, and because we don’t rob banks!

Another strong episode with exciting new developments.

Chris Rating



  1. Loved this episode. My favorite so far. I even liked Thunderbird a lot, and the whole memories thing was brilliant. My only issue is that you had to suspend believability with Caitlin leaving the base which was pretty idiotic. The racists felt very timely and evil in this day and age!

    1. I’m so glad you’re loving this show too! Hope I’ll warm up to Thunderbird soon. And very true about the Caitlin thing. Bothered me too.

      Thanks for letting me cover this show!! Looking forward for it. And waiting on that season two renewal! It’s doing well in the ratings right? And it’s owned by FOX so I’m hopeful! 🙏🏻

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