Supergirl 3×02 – Triggers

"And if I don't have Supergirl, what do I have?"


That was pretty bad.

After a promising season premiere, Supergirl‘s second outing of the year is kind of a great big letdown. The primary problem with this hour is that its villain, Psi, falls completely flat. Yael Grobglas certainly looks the part, but she’s tasked with nothing except throwing out repetitive glares. The “mental” attacks are awkwardly staged, and the action is just really clunky across the board.

Triggers does succeed where it comes to Lena and Samantha however. Not only does the episode have a terrific twist where it’s revealed that Samantha’s new position is none other than CEO at L-Corp, but both ladies are given a lot to do. Lena gets to singlehandedly salvage CatCo (the show really didn’t know what to do with the Cat-less company in season two), while butting heads with the ever-irritating Olsen and calling Kara out on her unprofessionalism. Her little tension-filled argument with Kara is particularly great, because it hints at darker streak bubbling beneath that goody goody Luthor exterior.

As for Samantha, well Odette Annable is still tremendously charming in the role. Her daughter’s obsession with wanting her to be a superhero is pretty cute, and you totally feel for Samantha trying her best to juggle a million things. The fact that they’re making the character so relatable, means we’re undoubtedly going to have one heck of a great villain down the line. Now why couldn’t she bend that steel bar at the end? Hmm.. theories anyone?

Super Bits

– I enjoyed the montage with everyone waking up with their different routines. It felt very different to what the show usually does.

– The band or DJ debate made me cringe. Actually everything about Maggie and Alex is making me cringe lately. The writers really aren’t hiding the fact that Maggie is leaving the show soon so they have to throw in stuff like her not wanting kids. Ugh.

– A terrified Kara in the corner of the bank looked RIDICULOUS.

– I did enjoy the POV shots of a young Kara in the pod escaping Krypton. Linking this to Mon-El later on was also effective.

– I have a BIG issue with the elevator scene. Do the writers expect us to believe that NO ONE in the building discovered the shattered elevator and roof, not to mention Kara’s glasses left behind? It’s so idiotic, and I can’t accept that there’s absolutely no follow through. Embarrassing move writers.

– Kara doing the kryptonian meditation was nifty. Hope we see it again in the future.

– I sincerely and genuinely hope the show never throws in romantic sparks between Lena and Olsen. Because.. no.

– The episode’s cliffhanger was also pretty weak with J’onn getting a message from M’ghann that he must go to Mars.

Kara Quips

Alex: Wait I saved your life.
Winn: Yeah, but, like, so has everybody else here.

Lena: (to Kara) This is unacceptable behavior for an employee. You ran off this morning when I gave you an assignment. You missed a staff meeting. And now when asked to do a job by your boss, you act like it’s an inconvenience. I did not spend $750 million on a company as a favor to a friend.

Lena: This is new for me, too.
Kara: Working with friends?
Lena: No, having friends. Luthors don’t have friends, we have minions.

A sloppy and underwhelming hour with a few saving graces that make it somewhat watchable.

Nad Rating


  1. “that make it somewhat watchable” HAHHAH epic!

    Very true about everything, read my thoughts completely. I just love the prospect of a Kara/Lena/Samantha team up (although was it TOO easy? Did Samantha just join the company OVERNIGHT? I have so many more ridiculous questions).

    I love that she couldn’t bend that bar at the end. I’m glad they’re taking their time with this. Maybe she can only use her powers when she’s afraid/angry or something? We’ll see.

    And WORD on Maggie & Alex. I cannot stand them anymore. I actually can’t wait for the breakup.

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