Supergirl 3×03 – Far From The Tree

"You're the strongest man and Martian I've ever known."


After last week’s disaster, I’m pleased to report that Supergirl bounced back with a solid hour.

Now this wasn’t exceptional by any means, but I appreciated the returned focus on actual character development. It helps that this hour was elevated by two terrific guest stars. First off is Carl Lumbly who was a reliable and fantastic presence throughout Alias‘ five-season run. He’s equally majestic here, lending a whole lot of gravitas and credibility to what could have been a pretty cheese role. Lumbly is just one of those inherently likeabale performers, and watching him sob is always an absolute gut-punch in every way. I’m just ecstatic that he’ll be joining the cast for a while because having him back on Earth will be an undeniable treat; his chemistry with David Harewood is off the charts!

Our second guest-star of the week isn’t quite as memorable, but still a welcome addition to the cast. Yes it’s 24′s very own Carlos Bernard as Maggie’s father Oscar. While it’s truly unfortunate that Floriana Lima will be leaving Supergirl soon due to other commitments, I’m glad the show is finally taking the time to explore her backstory a bit. Her childhood trauma with her father throwing her out of the house at 14 is heartbreaking, and it serves as a powerful intro to the character’s arrival. I’m glad that the show doesn’t provide easy answers here: he’s not a completely evil man (he still carries a picture of his daughter after all), and he even explains his side of the story (apparently, he thinks he’s protecting his daughter from racial discrimination by discriminating against her sexuality). Bernard and Lima work well together, and I’m curious to see how their dynamic will evolve in the coming weeks.

Super Bits

– J’onn’s Mars mobile is hilarious. Hope we see a ton more of it in the future.

– I know the show can’t afford exterior Mars shots but maybe this episode was too ambitious for its own good? Felt a bit ridiculous that everything happened in the same indoor cave.

– The Baby One More Time moment was so bizarre.

– Great moment from Kara as she convinces J’onn’s dad to see the the true reality. I like it when the show emphasizes Kara’s heroic spirit without utilizing physical strength.

– Heartbreaking sight with J’onn seeing his two dead daughters. Thank God he has Alex and Kara now.

– Maggie still doesn’t want kids. Hmm…..

– This episode was suspiciously light on clever dialogue (only one quote below). Why?

– The Martian CGO was definitely better than last year. But the fight scene at the end had some clunky moments, particularly Kara’s punch obviously not connecting.

Kara Quips

Kara: I think I took a wrong turn at Albuquerque. Can any of you give me directions back to Earth?

Excellent performances and a touching narrative make this week’s episode a return to form after last week’s clunker.

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