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Grey’s Anatomy 14×05 – Danger Zone

"So uptight that if you put coal in your ass, a diamond would pop out."


Talk about a misfire.

This was a dreadfully boring hour in every way. I get what the show was going for with the flashback structure, and it was definitely great in theory, but the execution of this hour was all over the map. Who knew that watching Abigail Spencer for 45 minutes could be so darn tedious? The writers saddled her and Riggs with the dullest kind of love story, and I found myself completely uninvested in their entire journey. The only aspect I did enjoy was seeing the two finally get their happy ending on the beach with Faruq. But really that’s all due to Spencer who manages to invoke so much emotion with a single smile. So long Abigail – it was fun while it lasted!

The most egregious misstep here is the fact that Teddy was squandered. Kim Raver can pretty much salvage any storyline she’s given, but she was such an afterthought this week that everything else felt like a flop. I also fail to see how this was considered Riggs’ final episode. We didn’t really get much closure to his storyline aside from that brief thank you text with Meredith (who gets 10 seconds of screen-time in her own show), so I guess we’ll just chalk this one up to disposable filler.

On the bright side Owen has finally broken up with Amelia. These two have just gotten so toxic over the course of the last few seasons so I pretty much celebrated at the news. Maybe Owen and Teddy can finally get together? God knows they have a ton more chemistry together.

Bits & Scalpels

– I love it when the show messes with the title card and this week was no different. The show’s title flashes with the sounds of bullets. Super cool.

– The whole necklace thing was cringeworthy.

– My favorite moment: Owen and Megan dancing to “Push It” in the car.

– Props for diversity: the lesbian couple walking in the background when Riggs is looking for Faruq.

– Loved Teddy running towards the chopper after finding out the shooter was a woman. Too bad the rest of the storyline didn’t contain similar thrills.

– “You married a tumor” was admittedly super heartbreaking.

Grey Banter

Owen: When we’ve come to depend on a cycle, the thought of breaking it is scary.
Even the cycles that cause us harm. But sometimes, when we break the cycle, we find something better.

Must-Download Tune.
Across the Room by ODESZA feat Leon Bridges

A tremendously forgettable and disappointing episode.

Nad Rating


  1. Glad to see I’m not the only one who didn’t like this episode. This is the first episode this season that I dose off while watching. Total waste of time.

  2. Perfectly stated! What a complete waste of time and one of the worst hours Grey’s has ever produced. Sad since this season was on a roll too! Let’s hope they bounce off this mess immediately next week.

    I loved the Owen/Amelia scene though. When he tells her he feels like he doesn’t really know her, HOW TRUE IS THAT? We know close to nothing about this relationship or these characters so I loved that. And her adding that he married a tumor…heartbreaking indeed.

    Also, adios Riggs! I only liked ya in that one plane episode last year so I won’t miss ya.

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