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The Gifted 1×04 – eXit Strategy

"Congratulations on figuring out you're one of the bad guys."

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Serialized shows usually tend to drag out storylines across multiple episodes, so I was pleasantly surprised by eXit Strategy for reuniting Polaris with the rest of the mutants as well as Reed with the rest of the Struckers. It’s a bold move that inevitably flips the established status quo (after just 4 episodes!), making this show all the more impressive and exciting.

While the first half of the episode wastes a lot of time with mindless filler (I enjoyed Michelle Veintimilla’s performance as Carmen, but she had a lot more screentime than I would’ve preferred), the final ten minutes more than make up for it with an action-packed getaway and a whole lot of fun. The episode brilliantly utilizes every single character in a well-constructed prison break scene as the mutants attack Sentinel Services agents and ensure that Polaris and Reed escape safely. This is all accomplished without feeling the need to add an unnecessary, clichéd cliffhanger as a lesser show probably would have done. Color me impressed.

My only gripe with eXit Strategy is that the dialogue is slightly clunkier than usual; just listen to anything Johnny says this week (or ever). In addition, plot contrivances sadly remain a part of this show’s narrative sometimes as in the case of having Polaris and Reed in adjacent cells and later on in the same convoy. These aren’t deal-breakers for now, but I sure hope the writers come up with more inventive ways to move the plot forward in the future.

Xtra Bits

– A bit of a weak flashback in the teaser this time; I also must have missed the part where we find out Gus is Pulse, who later disrupts the mutants’ powers. For some reason, they looked like two completely different actors to me.

– Oh look, flip phones!

– Cool visual of Lauren and Andy working together to break the lamppost.

– Is Blink starting to discover that her memories with Johnny were manipulated? Why am I far more invested in this storyline than I ought to be?

– The Sentinel Services agents beating up Polaris and Reed in the back of the convoy was immensely disturbing to watch and yet so very relevant in 2017.

– Loved Polaris pulling the metal from Reed’s leg then going berserk on the agents once they escape. So.darn.satisfying.

– Are Lauren and Andy going to be separated from the group now? That sure looked like a goodbye hug to me, kids. Let’s hope they make it to the mutant underground headquarters in one piece.

– I do not envy Sage, the mutant with the probability powers. How sad (and equally hilarious).

Gifts & Quips

Polaris: The same son of a bitch who tried to use my unborn child to get me to turn against my friends is going to prison with me? What is it, my birthday?

Reed: I always told myself that anyone that was facing me in my courtroom was guilty. Told myself that I was the prosecutor and that the laws were clear, and if you broke ’em, it was on you. Told myself that I was doing my job. Then I found out that my kids are mutants. They didn’t mean to hurt anyone. They didn’t mean to do anything. They were just defending themselves. But they broke the law. And with mandatory minimums, they’ll get at least 10 years, maybe more. And a few days ago, I would’ve been the one making that argument.

With tons of action and forward momentum, eXit Strategy proves to be another compelling hour of television. Can we get a season renewal already, FOX?

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