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Scandal 7×04 – Lost Girls

"You will not make the same think-below-the-waist mistakes as the 44 men who came before you."

Scandal 7x04 (2)

After last week’s surprisingly good episode, there was no way Scandal was going to produce another compelling hour seeing as how it’s one of the most uneven shows on television. But props for trying at least?

On first glance, there’s nothing quite wrong with Lost Girls; it’s jam-packed with zippy one-liners and zingers, has a couple of strong character moments (for Mellie in particular), and contains at least one scene where a character talks about power. Typical Scandal material. However, nothing really advances the plot this week. It’s especially disappointing since we’ve had two consecutive episodes ending with the same cliffhanger on a show that’s ending for good in a couple of months.

Lost Girls does have several redeeming qualities however, such as the Bashran/Mellie drama which is one of the most refreshing storylines this show has produced in a while. It’s about time President Grant gets a new romance that doesn’t involve Fitz. Similarly compelling is QPA trying to find the poster black girl for Fitz’s cause. The way the episode intertwines this subplot with Olivia’s uneasiness and suspicions about what brought her ex-hubby back to town is quite clever. And that’s one of the best compliments I can give this show right now.

Scandalous Bits

– Thanks for letting me cover this crazy show this week, Nad! It’s fun to search for inspiration in a show that really, really lacks it.

– Seriously, how hideous are the title credits this season? Just…no.

– Amusing scene between Cyrus and Finn as they play a virtual reality game, but I honestly don’t care about them getting together. Plus, LOL at Cyrus saying he has standards.

– My favorite moment of the week: Mellie taking off her shoes and wanting to gossip with Cyrus about boys. I love her.

– Absolutely gripping scene as Mellie talks about how intoxicating her position of power is now. Incredibly powerful and nuanced performance by Bellamy Young.

– I’ve never liked this show’s choice of music in the past, and Waterfalls felt particularly out of place this week. Points for consistency, I guess?

– The Olivia/Fitz reunion feels like it happened a lot sooner than expected. How many episodes until they break up again?

– Thrilling scene between Olivia and Rowan at the end as she pushes the chair over to his side intimidatingly. The Pope roles are certainly reversed now.


Marcus: People hear “Quanesha” and stop listening. We need a name that sounds white.

Rowan: You forget, I was in a cage too. They’ll say I was lured by fossils. No. It was the girl who dangled those fossils in front of me. She was the cheese in my trap.
Fitz: What’s your point?
Rowan: My point is this case is not the bait. You are. You are her weakness. It is why I always hated you with the passion of a thousand suns and why I think you’re her only chance at salvation.

Olivia: How’s Vermont?
Marcus: Cold. White.
Olivia: No, I mean how’s Fitz in Vermont?
Marcus: Cold. White.

Olivia: So we’re resorting to threats, then, already?

Mellie: I’m President, but it’s intoxicating. Everyone always doing what I say. I start to think I can do whatever I want, whomever I want. But that is exactly what they all thought. All those old, dead guys with their mistresses and their child brides. The pigs. And now it’s happening to me. It’s a nightmare.

Mellie: He was at the table, Olivia. You and I, we got him there. He was at the table with Dakal, ready to forgo his nuclear capabilities and make peace with his enemy. We found a solution to a problem that this country has been wrestling with for over 50 years because of him. If that isn’t worth fighting for, worth going to war for, then you tell me what is.

An average hour of Scandal. I expect better from the remaining episodes of the final season.

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  1. Thanks for covering this week Chris, I really felt so uninspired. You read my mind in all your points! Nothing more to add except to reiterate that I love Mellie and she’s the only reason to watch the show.

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