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Grey’s Anatomy 14×06 – Come on Down to My Boat, Baby

"They're both so pretty. I wonder what's gonna happen next."


What a terrific episode.

I really am loving Grey’s tone this year. The whole show is definitely much more uplifting and hopeful (as Krista Vernoff promised), but the stakes are still there and it can still feel affecting when it needs to.

Picking up from Amelia and Owen’s breakup, the show immediately pairs them up with brand new flings. Amelia sleeping with Tom isn’t terribly surprising (you could tell he had something brewing for her), but Owen making out with Carina is perfection. The moment the two got introduced, I felt the chemistry and sparks just fly off the screen. Of course the hilarious aspect here is that DeLuca can’t escape his sister’s sex life since he’ll be moving in with Owen next. Oh well.

Boat day with the gang was also fun, although it’s a bit hard to believe that so many attendings could just take a sick day at the same time. Nevertheless, it was a fun change of scenery, and it served a narrative purpose in that Jackson realized that he not only could buy a boat on a whim, but that he could donate a whole lot of moolah and help Bailey create tangible change in the medical industry.

The episode’s final scene is also tremendous. The old Meredith would have wallowed in misery and self-pity after losing a patient, but the new Meredith is now more dedicated than ever to helping out ALPS patients. It’s such a refreshing development, and it further proves how masterfully the show’s writers have carved out Meredith’s journey over the course of the show. And the cherry on top? Meredith is nominated for a Harper Avery Award, which as Bailey proudly points out, even Derek was never eligible for. Wow.

Bits & Scalpels

– Very mature Owen and Amelia conversation in the teaser. They should do that more often.

– Love Meredith on the cover and feelin’ like a star in the hospital.

– Why did Arizona break up with Carina again?

– Hilarious sight: Bailey swiping.

– Can we please take a moment and discuss the horrid Lexus product placement? The thing is, it lasted for practically a whole minute. First we got Jackson’s new “batmobile” with a whole lot of extended screen-time, and THEN we got Tom’s mid-range vehicle with its camera capabilities Desperate much ABC? p.s. don’t forget the line “park your fancy rental car.” Cringe.

– Can the hypochondriac come back again soon please? He was a hoot, and it was so ironic that he got shot during one of his routine ER visits.

– The gun-gina patient has to be one of the sickest and weirdest thing we’ve ever seen on the show.

– The gyts say Maggie isn’t really Jackson’s sister. I’m sorry but she is and this is just gross.

– Let’s be superficial for a moment and point out that only Jackson and DeLuca are shirtless in the boat scene. I guess the rest of the guys have body issues? If only women were afforded the same treatment instead of being bullied into constantly showing off skin. Thank God for Shondaland.

– Ben has finally announced that he’s heading off to the new fireman spinoff.

– So the judge died from a clot in the end. Typical Grey’s. 

– Jo is in the running for chief resident. Much deserved I must say.

– After some advice from Meredith’s patient, Jo is finally ready to file from divorce. Wooohoo….. and uh oh.

– So what past does DeLuca have with Sam the new intern? Do we care?

Grey Banter

Arizona: So now here I am, swiping, instead of having sex with an Italian orgasm scientist.

Tom: Are you talking about the hippie chick? Melody or, uh, Tambourine or whatever?
Amelia: Harmony.

A very engaging and lovable episode.

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  1. Seriously, the Lexus ad placement was beyond atrocious. It completely took me out of the show when they revealed Jackson’s “batmobile” but then to see it AGAIN on Ben’s car? Dear lord. I was half expecting the boat to be called Lexus too. That would’ve been epic.

    I enjoyed the episode too for what it was: just pure fun! And loved Meredith’s final scene. I am as happy for her Harper Avery nomination as I would have been about an actual family member getting a similar accomplishment!

    Can’t wait for the 300th next weeeekkk!!

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