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The Good Place 2×08 – Derek

"This is not helpful, but I have always wanted to be a part of a wedding that was stopped dramatically."


This wasn’t my favorite episode of The Good Place, but it was still pretty good (and pretty good on this show is better than great on other sitcoms).

Sure the Derek stuff was funny, but it also felt like the show treading water for the first time ever. We didn’t really get much forward momentum with this one, and that’s a bit of a letdown seeing as how the show usually burns through three seasons worth of plot in the span of 20 minutes. Nevertheless, Jason Mantzoukas is hilarious as Derek, and he plays off D’arcy Carden beautifully. Although he’s gone for good, I wouldn’t mind if the show brought him back for recurring appearances every so often to shake things up with his wind chimes.

And finally, since the show ain’t coming back until January (how the hell am I supposed to survive?), I expected a bigger bombshell to end things on that Sean appearing on Michael’s office. Really show, that’s all you could come up with? At least get off the airwaves with another one of your signature mindblowing twists. Ugh.

Bits & Places

– Jason changing up croquet was epic.

– Derek thinking Eleanor was Jason cracked me up.

– Tahani’s has a “Dizzy couch”! Where can I buy myself one of those?

– Tahani and Jason ALMOST got married this week. Oh well.

– Eleanor finally showed Chidi their sex tape. He says he’s not in love with her. Hmm… or is he?

– Derek referring to Janet as his “mommy girlfriend” was hilarious.

Heavenly Quips

Michael: Okay, if we can’t kill Derek, then we’ve got to break up Jason and Tahani. If that relationship ends, then Janet won’t feel sad anymore, and maybe she’ll get rid of Derek herself.
Eleanor: Girl, you are a messy bench who loves drama, – and I am into it.

Jason: Where did you learn how to do this?
Tahani: The Hertfordshire Academy for Expressionless Girls.

Tahani: Jason I’d never guess we would be where we are today, me, a prominent British philanthropist with award-winning legs set to marry you, a swamp dweller who once asked me if the Presidents on Mount Rushmore have butts on the other side. We don’t make any sense together, and yet, when I’m with you, I can really let my hair down, metaphorically speaking of course, because I’d never have it up in the first place. [chuckles] I’m not a factory worker.

Derek: What does he have that I don’t have?
Janet: A soul and genitals.
Derek: Here we go with this whole “no genitals” thing again. You’re the one that gave me wind chimes instead of a penis, Janet.
Janet: This isn’t about your wind-chime penis.

Eleanor: Look, I gave you bad advice, okay? Jason was clearly important to you, and real heartbreak doesn’t have a simple cure. I mean, you will feel better after some time goes by.
Janet: I don’t really experience the passage of time. I do use it as lotion occasionally.
Eleanor: I mean, weird, but keep doing it because your skin looks amazing.
Janet: Thank you. Not skin.

An amusing but admittedly underwhelming midseason finale.

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  1. This line “it also felt like the show treading water for the first time ever” pretty much sums it up! So true. But even a filler from this show is better than most comedies (and dramas!) out there.

    And I laughed so hard when we could hear the wind-chimes after Derek and Janet were “reabsorbing”. Too funny!

  2. I’m happy to say that I’m all catch up with The Good Place. A funny, smart sitcom unlike any other. You’re right about this episode not being great for the reason you mentioned. But it was pretty good like you said. “Mommy girlfriend” funny and creepy at the same time. I’m interested to find out what will be the fallout of the Sean cliffhanger. I wish NBC didn’t have to air the season in separate blocks. BTW according to the site, The Good Place will return on December 28.

    1. Woohoo so happy you caught up and discovered this BRILLIANT Show. There’s really nothing like it on TV!

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