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This Is Us 2×06 – The 20’s

"You are the luckiest, prettiest, sweetest baby ever named after a ceiling fan."


What a tearjerker!

If Mandy Moore doesn’t win every award this year, we’ve got a problem ladies and gents. Her dual speeches that close out the episode are absolutely phenomenal, and Moore does a spectacular job of bringing two timelines to life. Sure the editing is impeccable and seamless, but Moore nonetheless manages to invoke a great deal of emotion and gravitas. Note that she’s not playing off another actor in these sequences; it’s all her and she pulls it off with flying colors.

Ever since the show paired Rebecca and Miguel (all the way back in the show’s second episode), I’ve found myself feeling uneasy while watching Jack’s best friend on-screen. The 20’s wisely flips everything on its head by showcasing Rebecca living many years on her own after Jack’s death, and in dire need of some companionship. It’s only then that Miguel gets in touch and their partnership begins. How great is that? I can finally look back on the storyline now and not feel like it’s icky and uncomfortable (which was definitely not the case before).

Where The Big Three are concerned, The 20’s is most successful where Randall is concerned. Not only does it effectively highlight Randall’s perfectionism at a ridiculously young age (the Halloween map is a hoot, yet also very sad), but it gives us a glimpse into the immensely stressful period he encountered just before Tess’ birth. It’s especially intriguing to note how paranoid Beth was after his first nervous breakdown, and how it all culminated in an especially touching home-birth.

Even Kate’s storyline is surprising. I was sure the coffeeshop customer would reject her in some manner, so it was a relief to see the show avoid the cliché route. In fact, the whole subplot is about Kate losing herself and deciding to sleep with a married man despite knowing about his status. Nothing about her weight is even hinted at, and that makes for a really refreshing arc that leads to her moving in with Kevin.

Part of me doesn’t buy that 20’s Kevin would so deviously try to steal a role from a close friend, but I guess the subplot succeeds in showcasing just how desperate he had become in LA. Plus we get the double bombshell of Kate working as a waitress and Kevin in a hair salon of all places! Perhaps the show could show us more of his adventures with those ladies? Because that would be a comedy goldmine.

Heartwarming Bits

– Check out Jack doing that moonwalk! Badass

– Little Randall as Michael Jackson is perfection.

– The “turban” dude and his advice ended up working far better than I expected.

– Kevin’s best moment ever: giving his friend candy in exchange for holding hands with Kate. How cute is that?

– Little Randall exclaiming that “nobody looks like me” was extremely heartbreaking.

– Gutwrenching moment when Jack appears behind Rebecca in those dual monologues. As depressing as it is to know that Jack died so early, his demise adds a great deal of pathos to everything the show explores.

Triplet Talk

Kevin: (massaging his client) Too much pressure?
Woman: Too much whining.

Salesman: (to Randall) What they don’t tell you is that babies come with the answers. They come out, they look up at you, and you at them, and they tell you who you are.

Rebecca: And life has a middle, too, and middles can be the hardest because that’s when you can get really lost. But middles can be a beginning sometimes.

One of my favorite This Is Us episodes in a long time and the best episode of the season thus far. Brilliant!

Nad Rating


  1. You know, before this show, I considered Mandy Moore a barely noticeable actress. But, through the show, I am amazed by the depths of her acting. She has proven to be capable of playing a complex character like Rebecca. I hope her career continues to soar beyond This is Us like it did for Matthew Mcconaughey after True Detective.

    I’m relieved over the timing of Rebecca and Miguel ending up together. There was a time I was concerned that this would happen while Jack was alive. Glad I no longer have to entertain it. And this way makes more sense. Miguel comes off to me as a standup guy. Not the type to hook up with a friend’s wife or widowed wife shortly after the friend’s death.

    1. I agree about Mandy! I never thought of her as this huge celebrity because I’d honestly never seen her in anything besides A Walk to Remember (and briefly on Greys!) but watching her on this show I realized she’s incredible. I know the internet seems to be in love with Jack, but I’m honestly much more invested in Rebecca’s journey and I can’t wait to see more of her life post-Jack.

      Also, what an episode! Loved the review Nad 👌🏻

  2. I think this is one of the best episodes so far. I still can’t get over Jack’s death, even though it’s a drama show but his death is beyond dramatic !!

    Impeccable episode from start to end (or maybe minus Kevin’s throwback I’m still not so sure if I bought it or not specially after that scene with Kate and Halloween). BUT the one with Randal and the baby makes me wanna say OH. MY. GOD. (in slow motion).

    Needless to talk about Mandy’s speech because I don’t think anything would do it justice. & I think a lot of people can relate to it which makes it more and more unforgettable.

    Ok now I wanna watch it again!!

    1. If you insist… we shall watch it again 😂 I didn’t talk enough about that Home birth… INCREDIBLE

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