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Scandal 7×05 – Adventures in Babysitting

"No vice president is safe from the wrath of Olivia Pope."

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At this point, I don’t know what to expect from Scandal every week. Neither do the writers, apparently, because they seem to be just as confused as whether this show is a political thriller, soap opera or a weird mix of both.

Just like last week, Adventures in Babysitting doesn’t offer any momentum or exciting material while it continues to push Olivia into the dark side. She’s done some pretty unforgivable stuff in the past, but she has become straight-up irredeemable at this point. Two seasons ago, I would have thought the idea of Liv as the Big Bad would make for a captivating and compelling character exploration. I don’t know if it’s the influx of anti-heroes on television since then or everything about How To Get Away With Murder, but today I find Olivia’s Black Hat shenanigans unentertaining, horrible and beyond excruciating to watch. I hope Shonda has a plan in mind for our main character; I, for one, wouldn’t mind killing her off and have Mellie take all the spotlight instead.

Speaking of Mellie, if there’s one thing this episode does right, it’s finally letting our President become aware just how dangerous Olivia Pope is now. The way she lashes out at her after discovering that she killed Luna Vargas is one of the most satisfying moments this show has produced this year (which, to be fair, isn’t saying much). Plus, her remarks about never wanting to hear about B613 is so hilariously meta, the writers probably don’t even know it.

Finally, talk about a predictable and frustrating ending. If Rashad really does die in the plane explosion, it would be a true shame as I’ve become quite fond of him and Mellie. Even his niece Yasmeen, who they had just introduced in this episode, felt like a welcome addition to the cast. What makes this “cliffhanger” even more troublesome is the very real possibility that Olivia is behind this explosion. If that’s the case, then I will truly not settle for anything less than watching this character die in the series finale.

Scandalous Bits

– Liv’s opening monologue as she bullies her father about being privileged to talk to her is one of the worst openings this show has ever produced.

– I can’t tell which is worse: Rowan’s extremely loud and obnoxious “I want my bones!” scream or Olivia’s “no bones for you” response. Screw this stupid show.

– Chilling moment as Mellie yells “shut it down” at Olivia. God I love her.

– Cyrus and Finn finally made out, if anyone is actually interested in Cyrus’ love life.

– Curtis blowing off Olivia at the end was kind of awesome.

– The CGI as the plane explodes reminded me of Grey’s Anatomy’s attempts at CGI anytime a chopper lands on the hospital rooftop.


Mellie: What’s done in my name is done by me, Olivia. You conspire against the government, I conspire against the government. You commit murder, I commit murder. There’s only us. Isn’t that what you told me?

Olivia: Cyrus, you need to stop and you need to think. Because if you don’t give me what I want here, I’ll consider that an act of war. And I know you understand why you wouldn’t want me as your enemy.
Cyrus: Well, that certainly escalated quickly.

Fitz: Somewhere along the way, you misplaced your white hat. I’ve just handed it back to you.
Olivia: I see. So, you think I’ve suddenly turned into some power-hungry boss bitch who thinks she can play and use the President like a pawn? Fitz, I’ve been doing that for years. At least ever since I put you in that office.

A terrible and frustrating hour of television. Somebody save Olivia Pope (and us)!

Chris Rating



  1. Thank you Chris for this absolutely hilarious and spot-on review. I agree about everything from the horrible I WANT MY BONES to Olivia being completely unlikeable and that horrible Grey’s chopper CGI. KILL ME NOW!\
    It’s too bad because this season started out with some potential… but alas!

    1. Hahaha glad you agree! At this point I don’t even want the show to improve before the finale but the least they could do is NOT give us boring episodes.

      Not holding my breath but will see! 😁😁

  2. I enjoyed Mellie putting Olivia in her place. But her turning to Olivia to enlist B6-13 to help her cause wasn’t a surprise. As much as I admire Mellie for trying to do things right and legal (a positive sign of growth), this is the world of Scandal where getting your hands dirty is part of doing business.

    I think Olivia belittling his father the way she has been doing is going to bite her in the ass the big way. The conspiracy last season thought they broke Rowan for good. He proved them dead wrong.

    That cliffhanger was shocking and a bit upsetting since I was starting to like Rashad and Yasmeen. If Olivia was behind the explosion, it would set the stage for a juicy conflict between her and her former teammates. That would give the season the kick in the pants it needs to get things moving. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if the explosion was a consequence of B6-13 getting involved on Mellie’s behalf.

    1. I guess I missed the part where Mellie tells Olivia to use B6-13 to help her (I was THAT bored) but I honestly thought the explosion cliffhanger was VERY predictable from the moment everyone started waving and smiling awkwardly at each other. Way too expected.

      But I appreciate the optimism in regards to the show getting things moving! I, myself, have lost faith in Scandal!!

      1. I have little faith left in the show too. Whatever much I used to have was destroyed by the last few seasons. But I’m curious enough to be along for the ride.

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