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The Gifted 1×06 – got your siX

"The X-Men said a war is coming."

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It’s amazing how the show’s weakest episode yet is still better than most of the superhero shows out there.

Not that got your siX is particularly bad, but it does feel like an hour that purposely sets up future episodes by dialing down the thrills and focusing on character development instead. Apart from Lauren using her shield and newcomer (also: obvious love interest) Wes helping her create a mirage for Reed, Eclipse and Andy to escape the Sentinel Services, there’s not much action or excitement. Granted, that eye-popping scene was one of the coolest sequences this show has done yet, but it didn’t amount for anything other than “the mutants use their powers to escape captivity again”.

The character development stuff is just as important, however. Reed’s heart-to-heart with Andy about whether using his powers hurts was long overdue even though I am wary of the way this show keeps portraying Andy as an angry teenager who throws tantrums. In addition, Caitlin and Polaris’ disagreement on how to train the mutant kids seemed like a perfectly intriguing subplot that I wish could have been explored a bit further. Sadly, just as Blink taking off oddly didn’t seem to affect anyone else, this subplot unfortunately didn’t go anywhere by hour’s end.

Still, The Gifted remains exceptionally amusing and ambitious, particularly with its superb use of special effects. Let’s hope it continues to improve with only 7 episodes remaining this season.

Xtra Bits

– Not a huge fan of the episode naming system with an emphasis on the letter X. It was okay at first, but it’s starting to annoy me now.

– Thunderbird throwing the bomb far from the crowd and catching the debris with his hand in the opening flashback is badass. Also: the CGI with the explosion is fantastic and mighty impressive.

– How cute were Lauren and Wes? I love how she told him the illusion he created for her was actually Rome not Florence.

– I love how we see new mutants with different kinds of powers almost every single episode. So freaking cool.

– Incredibly intense sequence as the cop stops the truck driver and searches the back as Eclipse almost drains his own powers to keep them from being caught.

– Polaris throwing metal stuff at the kids was admittedly amusing.

– The resolution from last week’s epic cliffhanger is somewhat underwhelming as Jace has enlisted the help of Dr. Campbell to find the mutants who, in return, wants everything on the Strucker children.

– Also: Dr. Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) is eerily similar to the name Dr. Jody Kimball, the character he plays on The Mindy Project. Way to make it more confusing, guys.

– Oh look, Carmen’s back.

Gifts & Quips

Caitlin: Nothing says father/son bonding like breaking into a federal building.

Reed: May I ask you something? Does it hurt when you use your power?
Andy: Um, not really. Why?
Reed: I was watching Marcos earlier, and I saw how much it took out of him.
Andy: It’s not really like that for me. It’s more like yelling. You know, you have to put something into it, but it’s not like it’s worth it when it happens. Actually feels good when I rip stuff apart.

Eclipse: How’d you figure it out? You know, parenting.
Reed: I haven’t. But I can tell you this. Nothing that they can do would make you love ‘em less. You start there and then you do the best you can.

While not as stunning as last week, got your siX is still a solid albeit slightly underwhelming hour.

Chris Rating

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