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Scandal 7×06 – Vampires and Bloodsuckers

"It's lonely, the Oval. I am surrounded by people all of the time, but I am alone."

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One of the many, many disappointing things about this week’s Scandal is the fact that my fears from last week about Olivia being somewhat responsible for the plane explosion were not misplaced. Not only is she responsible, but our very own hero literally conspired with Jake to kill Rashad and his teenage niece and framed another person for it. Why are we still watching this awful show?

Not that Liv is the only terrible character this show has destroyed because it seems that even Charlie has gone back to his old ways. I never liked the character to begin with, but he was starting to become less awful once the writers decided to pair him with Quinn. Needless to say, all it took was for Liv to frame Glackland for Quinn’s kidnapping for him to start torturing again. I think I speak for the entire Scandal community when I say no one misses the torturing and the face-licking days. No one.

I will admit the episode does end in a mildly intriguing twist with the reveal that Quinn was indeed taken against her will (when Olivia and Jake assumed she had ditched her own wedding after learning the truth about the explosion). While Olivia can probably sleep well at night now knowing her secret is safe, this development does add some much needed momentum to a pretty dull season.

Scandalous Bits

– The Quinn and Charlie bride and groom cake toppers holding guns was an admittedly amusing sight.

– This time last season I was rooting for Mellie and Marcus so it’s crazy how the writers immediately pushed them apart with very little explanation.

– This show’s attempt at dark humor with Charlie talking about Quinn’s favorite torture methods was nauseating.

– Is it strange that I still care about Abby and David getting together? Why do I sense a bittersweet ending for these two?

– You’d think an episode that is light on Rowan would be a good one, but nope.


Quinn: You killed a teenage girl because it was convenient for you!
Olivia: Also, I drugged a 28 year-old lawyer unconscious, dragged her across the country away from her home and her family, left her in a hotel room with a false identity. I made that call. How’d that turn out?
Quinn: You just made me a life that suited you. What if what suited you was my death?

Mellie: The only reason I agreed to this meeting in the first place was because I wanted you to deliver a message of mine. Tell them to run. Tell them to hide. Because I am coming for them. Congressional approval or not, I am going to drop every last American bomb on their heads to make them pay for what they’ve done.

Charlie (about Quinn): I once saw her carve up a face like she was planting a garden. Oh God, I love her.

Another week, another terrible hour of Scandal.

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  1. Thanks for this Chris. I honestly was on my phone the entire time watching this; absolutely horrid and tedious. WHY SHOW?

  2. I liked the Olivia-Quinn confrontation and how Quinn says her OPA is going to be about justice until Olivia’s. I hope this kidnapping doesn’t quash the beef between those two. I want Quinn to bring about Olivia’s moral reckoning.

      1. Yeah the Olivia/Quinn confrontation was the best part and long overdue. But then the torturing…ugh.

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