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Supergirl 3×06 – Midvale

“I just want to live with Clark and be super.”

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Talk about pointless filler.

It’s really baffling why Supergirl opted for a flashback episode that halts the season’s momentum. Even odder is that there was no reason to go back in time and revisit Kara and Alex’s sibling rivalry while growing up because it doesn’t add anything to the present time in terms of character development. The two sisters have never been closer in 2017 (if you don’t count Alex being a mean-drunk for a slight second), so why we got a Riverdale-esque episode (and a lousy one nonetheless) is anyone’s guess.

Besides whether we needed a flashback episode or not, Midvale is simply boring. While it starts out interesting enough with the Danvers sisters going back home and reuniting with the always-incredible Eliza (Helen Slater), the show unfortunately holds back in its exploration of Kara in her pre-Supergirl days and instead gives us a lame, run-of-the-mill murder mystery. The worst part, besides everything, is the lack of emotional investment and effort that was put into making us care about Kenny’s murder. Bizarre as hell.

Luckily, the casting department on this show knocks it out of the park yet again. Young Kara and Alex, played to perfection by their eerie lookalikes Izabela Vidovic and Olivia Nikkanen, are more than likable and believable. However, the less said about the other high school kids we meet throughout the hour, the better.

Super Bits

– Blink and you’ll miss it: Eliza is reading “Nine Lives and Counting” by Cat Grant while waiting for her daughters for breakfast. Very cool.

– Anyone else hated how awful teenage Alex was treating Kara?

– Fantastic jump in the forrest as Young Kara rushes to the scene of the fire.

– I don’t know what school you went to, but no high school kids would be that awful over the news of another kid’s death. Gimme a break.

– At first, I thought the Isaiah Washington joke made no sense in that time period until I realized Grey’s Anatomy was in its third season 10 years ago. Wow.

– Who else caught the Smallville reference when Kara mentions Chloe Sullivan, Clark’s tech genius friend? Super cool.

– Even J’onn disguising as Kara’s dead mother was bizarre and cold. The fact that the mother was recast (I miss Laura Benanti!) makes this scene all the more puzzling to watch.

– The lack of suspense as Sheriff Collins points a gun at Alex is beyond hilarious.

Kara Quips

Kara: It’s kind of ironic they call it Advanced Placement. On Krypton, we do calculus from age four.

Kara (to Alex): I remember thinking I would never feel home on Earth. I still don’t, in a way. But I feel at home with you.

A lackluster and completely unnecessary flashback episode. Let’s pretend this never happened.

Chris Rating


  1. thank you for covering this one Chris. I couldn’t even write about it seeing as how it was so darn boring and tedious. And the whole thing with j’onn disguising himself as her mother was just baffling and bizarre. What the hell? Kudos for the casting though. They nailed the nuances and mannerisms. If only the script didn’t let them down. Back to Reign please!

    1. No problem! Yes please I’m hoping we get Reign soon. Haven’t seen promos for next week, but did see a spoiler and I’m not too excited about it.

      Also, isn’t that featured image just awesome? I love it 😀😍😍

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