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The Gifted 1×07 – eXtreme measures

“You know, I still see that memory she put in my head. It’s like a bad soap opera I can’t escape.”

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It was only a matter of time before The Gifted stumbled a bit after six consecutive solid episodes. Enter eXtreme measures.

Unlike last week, which was also admittedly slightly underwhelming, eXtreme measures suffers from a lack of coherent narrative. The show unfortunately fails at juggling multiple uncorrelated subplots, whether it’s Eclipse paying off his ex’s debts with an incredibly boring drug cartel-related storyline, Thunderbird helping Blink find her foster home, the Struckers dealing with Lauren’s boyfriend being a felon or Jace getting used to his new reality after teaming up with Dr. Campbell. Everyone is off on side missions, and not one of them is strong enough to keep the episode afloat.

Another reason the episode fails to impress is that it tries to be so many things at once. Carmen is an intriguing enough character, for example, but Michelle Veintimilla’s over-the-top performance, while certainly amusing, doesn’t bode well with the show’s gritty tone. Her quipyness, along with the lavish mansion and lifestyle, feels more suited for a show like Revenge. Eventually, her cartel subplot becomes way too convoluted that the writers had to resort to a soapy ending with Polaris seeing her with Eclipse. Let’s hope this sort of unnecessary drama is behind us now, and The Gifted goes back to its usual ass-kicking self next week.

Xtra Bits

– I liked the opening flashback, and it’s an important one since it marks Eclipse meeting Polaris for the first time, but I wish we’d spent a little more time on that scene. That was way too short.

– Somebody explain to me why the Wes subplot even existed. What a snoozefest.

– Super cool sequence with Polaris training Andy and other kids by throwing bricks at them this time.

– Badass scene as Polaris and Dreamer face off with Carmen’s guards from behind the gate. I could watch a whole show of these two ladies investigating and kicking ass every week.

– New mutant of the week: one of Carmen’s guys can stop/freeze time!

– Horrible montage in the end. Just no.

– So Reed’s dad used to work at Trask Industries. Hmm interesting.

Gifts & Quips

Eclipse: I almost got out of this for a reason.
Carmen: I remember. To fight for your fellow mutants. Nothing to do with the girl with the green hair.

Dr. Campbell: Don’t think of them as spies. More like weapons.

A huge misstep in an otherwise stellar first season.

Chris Rating


  1. Word. I was so immensely bored throughout this one. and that horrid CW-ish teen drama montage? Kill me now! What were they thinking?

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