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The Mindy Project 6×10 – It Had to Be You

"How long can a funeral last? Three weeks after Princess Diana's funeral, I was like, "Ooh, new Spice Girls album's out. Who Diana?"


In September 2012, I decided to watch the pilot episode of a strange new comedy called The Mindy Project. I had absolutely no idea what to expect; I didn’t know Mindy Kaling and I didn’t know the show’s premise. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover an offbeat and uplifting comedy that flipped romcom clichés on their head and delivered a fantastic lead character in the process. The show never disappointed me across six glorious seasons, and I’m pleased to see its finale preserve that legacy wholeheartedly.

I will admit that I don’t completely buy Danny changing and suddenly becoming this great guy again. He was borderline villainous a while back and it’s a bit hard to digest such a dramatic turn (even though he did save Mindy’s practice). Nevertheless, Mindy’s speech at Morgan’s wedding does the heavy lifting here as our heroine comes to the epiphany of people changing. Yes it’s heavy-handed, but I honestly always felt like this was the route the show would take at the end of its run. Yes part of me would have liked The Mindy Project to continue flipping romcom stereotypes and perhaps end with Mindy happy and alone, but I guess that would have been too much to ask.

One of the greatest things about Mindy the past few seasons has been the tremendous supporting cast. It’s such a colorful and whacky cast of characters, and this finale did most of them justice. Morgan and Tamra finally got hitched, and everybody (except Mindy) got to partake in that hilarious dance sequence. While I was certainly craving more time with Beverly and Collette, I felt more than satisfied.

Ultimately, I do wish the show’s endgame was built up to more efficiently, as it feels like the show ended pretty quickly and out of nowhere. On the bright side, this series closer didn’t suck (ahem, I’m looking at you How I Met Your Mother) and after six incredible seasons, I really couldn’t ask for more. This is certainly a comedy I’ll be rewatching for a long time to come!

Bits From The Clinic

– The dog that Morgan picked for Mindy was hilarious! Actually the fact that he actually brought an entire bag of dogs to work was hysterical. Ike Barinholtz was consistently phenomenal on this show every step of the way.

– I’m going to miss the show’s title credits and theme song.

– Jeremy’s gangsta phase after his dad died was random but admittedly amusing. Also, I love Anna.

– Comedy gold: Snooze is the title of a magazine for anesthesiologists.

– Ryan Seacrest is played by triplets. Good to know.

– So many awesome nods to the show’s past: Cousin Lou Tookers, Mindy’s ringtone (“Call Me Maybe”), Jeremy’s fat phase, and of course Mindy running in typical romcom style (but this time avoiding the pool she fell into in the pilot).

– Seriously why did the gang exclude Mindy from that group dance and hug? Sure it was funny, but it was also pretty sad in my book.

– Rhea Perlman was always terrific as Annette, and I’m so happy to see she survived her surgery.

– Love the whole shtick with the Italian necklace that Jeremy translates to “run”.

– How perfect was Danny finding Mindy with her hand stuck in the vending machine? One thing this show never lost sight of was Mindy’s appetite, and I always found that so very refreshing.

– I kind of wish the show’s final shot was more impactful. Mindy and Danny watching TV together felt like a sombre way to end things.

Lahiri Liners

Annette: Mindy, thank you for coming to these appointments. It’s such a comfort. Your hands are so doughy. I love squeezing it when I’m nervous.

Mindy: I don’t know what to say. Thank you, Danny. That is such a generous gift.
Danny: Well, I was thinking about it as more of a loan. You can pay me back.
Mindy: I’d prefer not to.

Morgan: You look beautiful.
Mindy: Thanks!
Morgan: Amazing dress!
Mindy: Thank you!
Morgan: It’s going to even look better at your assigned table. We’re really trying to consolidate all the sad people so we don’t bum everyone out.

Guy: Hey, you want the bread? Take the whole thing. None of us want any.
Mindy: I would love to eat all of it.

Morgan: (to Tamra) I always thought the greatest day of my life was the day I got out of prison. I was wrong. It’s today. Because today I got a new cellmate.
And it’s a life sentence. And when this new cellmate says to me, “Hey, I’m having sex with you,” you know what I’m going to say? “Okay.

Mindy: And, Morgan, you’ve really matured too. I mean this is a man who finally moved out of his grandmother’s house.
Morgan: Oh, my God! I forgot to invite Grandmother!

It wasn’t perfect, and I have some issues with the Dany development, but this was still a satisfying ending to one of my favorite shows of all time. I’m going to miss you Mindy Kaling, and I do hope whatever you do next is worthy of this utterly brilliant show.

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  1. Completely agree. I’m torn between loving this and wanting just a BIT more for our Mindy. But I was still left extremely satisfied so I have no complaints.

    Weird that it didn’t feel like a series finale though, right? There should have been a lot more buildup to this episode. But nonetheless…will miss these characters so much.

    I’m gonna need a quirky new comedy to replace this one now!! Waiting for recommendations..

  2. I suggest Happy Endings – which is now cancelled and only 3 seasons but it’s excellent as far as quirky goes – and most of the characters were visitors on Mindy.

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