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This Is Us 2×08 – Number One

"God knows you have such a beautiful talent, but I know, in my gut, it is not the only one that you have."


For the next three weeks, This Is Us is going to try something a little different: every week will focus on only one member of The Big Three. Our first entry into the saga is this Kevin-centric hour and honestly… it’s not the greatest.

It’s not Justin Hartley’s fault; he does a tremendous job with what he’s given. Unfortunately the whole addiction storyline has been one big cliche after another right from the very start. How many times have we seen this before? The storyline offers nothing new apart from some intriguing flashbacks to Justin’s high school years. Logan Shroyer delivers an excellent performance here as well and he bounces beautifully off of Milo, but it’s just not enough to counteract a tedious journey with Kevin attending an honoree event at his old high school.

However, the final five minutes are fantastic. Watching Kevin break down outside of Charlotte’s house is just harrowing and sad. In fact, it’s Hartley’s most powerful acting moment yet on the show, and definitely proves his worth as part of such a stellar cast. He’s never given material this strong, and Hartley knocks it out of the park.

Heartwarming Bits

– Notice “Number One” under the title card. The show’s really going all out!

– Seriously what is up with teen Kevin’s crop top?

– I love when This Is Us finds creative ways to allow Milo to interact with his kids in the present day, and this week was no different with Justin imagining himself hugging his dad on the podium. Wow!

– Heartbreaking moment with Kevin crying while watching his dad pray.

– Everything about Charlotte trying to come on to Kevin and eventually sleeping with him was disturbing. Did no one else find it rapey seeing as how he was so drunk? I’m sure if the roles were reversed, this storyline would have been much more controversial.

– I appreciate the idea behind Kevin telling his story on the football field, but it bored me to tears.

– Notice that Kevin losing his dad’s pendant is what makes him break down. So technically, his dad saved him from himself.

– The “beard for a movie” thing cracked me up.

– Kate lost the baby? Why? What was the point of that useless pregnancy?

– Perfect final frame with “Come on number two“. It’s an effective transition to the next episode.

Triplet Talk

Martina: The “Do not disturb” sign’s been up all week.
Kevin: Yet here we are, huh? Disturbing.

Charlotte: I’m a plastic surgeon.
Kevin: Butts or boobs?
Charlotte: Burn victims mostly.
Kevin: Right.

Although the last five minutes are exceptional, the rest of the hour leaves a lot to be desired.

Nad Rating


  1. Such a heartbreaking episode! Amazing performance by Justin Hartley especially in those final minutes, I cried my eyes out.

    “Martina: The “Do not disturb” sign’s been up all week.
    Kevin: Yet here we are, huh? Disturbing.”
    This line cracked me up!! HAHAHA

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