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The Gifted 1×08 – threat of eXtinction

“Protect them, son. Protect the world from them.”

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Now that’s more like it! I knew The Gifted would bounce back with a thrilling new episode, and threat of eXtinction did not disappoint in the slightest.

While it’s the only action sequence this week, the new “druggie” Chloe attacking everyone in the opening with her razor-sharp speed and battle skills was phenomenal. In fact, she reminded me of The Flash (too bad I gave up on that show), only without the suit. Even better was Thunderbird using Blink’s portal powers to attack Chloe from above. It’s all remarkably executed and beyond exciting, I was truly on the edge of my seat.

Thankfully, the rest of the hour provides just as many thrills. Reed gets a ton of new development, and while he’s still my least favorite character, the revelation that his father was a mutant who helped Reed get rid of his own X-gene is quite intriguing. Even more impressive is the way the episode intertwines Reed’s previous remarks about his father never visiting him when he was “sick” as a kid with the twist that it was actually during that time that his dad had used the serum he created on his son. It’s completely out of the blue, but will only make the Struckers’ new dynamic all the more fascinating now.

Finally, the episode ends up killing off a bunch of characters within the span of one hour. Granted, they are all minor characters who we barely knew or had just met (Chloe, Pulse, Reed’s dad), but it’s still quite jarring and bold.

And how about that epic ending with Andy and Lauren holding hands just like the opening flashback with Reed’s grandparents? Talk about chills.

Xtra Bits

– I never would have guessed that the man and woman from the teaser are twins. Looking back at that scene now, it makes me wonder if the writers are purposely going for an incestuous vibe.

– Caitlin telling that kid “can you move your nose” actually made me chuckle. Can Amy Acker be any more adorable?

– New mutant of the week: a telepathic girl named Esme. How awesome is she? I already can’t wait to see more of her.

– Was anyone else hoping Esme would discover some crazy, evil thoughts while reading Caitlin’s mind?

– I know there’s a big Arrow-verse crossover coming up soon, but the way this show gives us consistently new mutants with cool powers makes me feel like I’m watching a crossover every week.

– Blink’s C-subplot with the girl who also lost her foster parents wasn’t the most interesting until she got Dreamer to help her take away that tragic memory. What a genius way to bring Blink and Dreamer just a little closer. God I love this show.

– Not a fan of Polaris and Eclipse fighting. Although her messing around with knives repeatedly in this episode was admittedly amusing.

– No new episode next week! Damn you, network television.

Gifts & Quips

Caitlin (to Esme): Well, now that you’ve read my mind, I feel like I should at least get your name.

Polaris (to Dreamer): She won’t talk to us, just smoke her.

A thrilling return to form from The Gifted.

Chris Rating


  1. I wish Acker’s character was a Mutant. I don’t like this show and I don’t like how she’s wasted on human role. I’m still hoping for a twist in which Caitlin will turn out to be a Mutant but if this twist won’t happen I won’t come back for season 2. I’m just tired of this show.

    1. At first I too was hoping for a twist for Amy Acker’s character but I don’t mind that she doesn’t have the X gene now. Sorry you don’t like this show, but thanks for commenting!

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