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Legends of Tomorrow 3×08 – Crisis on Earth-X (Part 4)

“Who needs an army when you got Legends?”

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One of TV’s biggest crossover events culminates with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Much like the first, second and third parts, there’s no need to be completely caught up with all four comic-book shows to understand what’s happening.

One of the biggest compliments I could give these four episodes is that there wasn’t one major villain as there usually is on these shows. The threat was the idea of being ruled by a group of people who are determined to eliminate weakness, and that’s more frightening and disturbing than any world-dominating supervillain. So kudos for a more creative approach to storytelling this year, writers.

Also impressive is that the CGI never feels exhausting or numbing, even for someone who isn’t as attached to all the characters as the averange viewer. On the contrary, the eye-popping visuals are all breathtaking, whether it’s The Flash going after Reverse Flash (never mind that incredibly underwhelming climax where he lets him go, though) or Supergirl fighting her evil self in mid-air. It’s all beyond entertaining and makes for some really good television.

However, the admittedly tear-jerking death of Stein halts the episode’s momentum and puts the show at an odd pause until the next big fight. Not leaving the big death scene of a major character (on this show at least) until the end feels about as disrespectful as not including Katie Cassidy’s Laurel (well, not really). Also disappointing are the poorly structured final five minutes that leave an incredibly sour taste. Not only does the Felicity/Oliver impromptu wedding hijack Barry and Iris’ big day (in the rudest way possible), but it also makes no sense from a storytelling perspective. Felicity’s tantrum from 3 episodes ago seems all the more childish and half-baked now in retrospect. Plus, isn’t it strange that the two leads of Arrow and The Flash both end up getting married on Legends of Tomorrow instead of their respective shows?

I must sound like a broken record, but if there’s anything that could have made this year’s crossover an epic 4-hour event, it’s if the writers had not been obsessed with Felicity Smoak. Sadly, as there’s no way this obsession is fading away anytime soon, I’ll stick to watching Supergirl. That is, until the next crossover comes along.

Bits of Tomorrow

– Ray/The Atom is a very fun character who I genuinely wished would have stayed with Felicity. Or taken off with her, either one.

– I’m glad Supergirl doesn’t end up with her heart cut out but did anyone really think that was gonna happen?

– While Stein’s death must be sad for some fans, it was inevitable since the news of Victor Garber exiting Legends was announced. Sadly, the big scene is left in the hands of Franz Drameh (Jax), whose acting chops are about as thrilling as watching paint dry.

– Earth-X’s Snart is in love with The Ray and yet their goodbye scene feels extremely forced.

– Loved the fight against the robot in STAR Labs.

– Jesus, can we talk about the horrendous Killer Frost CGI? I thought I was imagining things.

– Supergirl telling Overgirl “General, would you care to step outside?” is a nod to Superman II when Superman says the same thing to Zod.

– Also, I can’t stop laughing any time Mr. Terrific comes on screen. That suit…oh boy.

– I love that Sara and Alex hooking up wasn’t just fan service. It truly helped Alex get over Maggie. And who knows, maybe we’ll see more of this epic duo in the future? #WishfulThinking

– The massive final battle on the streets is truly inspired as it takes place entirely during daylight. Wow.

– I haven’t watched this show since the season one finale so I was not aware they added Vixen and Zari as main characters. They had maybe three lines?

– Worst. Vows. Ever.

Legendary Lines

Snart: Our enemies are still on your Earth, Ollie.
Oliver: Don’t call me that.
Snart: Give it time, I’ll get through that crusty exterior.
Sara: No, you really won’t.
Snart: I was talking to you.

Mick: You’re not my partner. You’re a gangbanger.
Snart: I think you mean doppelgänger.

Kara: What do I do?
Harry: You need to fly her up. Up. And away.

The four-part crossover extravaganza concludes with an entertaining, action-heavy hour. Sadly, the thrills aren’t enough to keep this event from being nothing more than an enjoyable but forgettable climax.

Chris Rating


  1. I will never get over Laurel not being part of that group sho the end. A lot of the CGI was so embarrassing but yes it was definitely an entertaining hour. The less said about Felicity and Friends the better. I still can’t get over that atrocious, horrendous, horrible and insipid ending. I will stick to Supergirl as well until the next crossover! Thank you so much for covering all four of these Chris! They were great to read!

    1. My pleasure! Thanks for always giving me a space and opportunity to voice my thoughts (as negative as they might have been this time hahha).

      It just still baffles me how much they screwed up with that ending. Who in their right mind thought that Felicity STOPPING another couple’s wedding is romantic? Were we supposed to go “awww, look how cute she is, ruining other people’s big day”? It just really, really baffles me, Nadim. I can’t get over my hatred of this character.

      And I finally saw the promo for next week’s Supergirl. I AM SO READY FOR REIGN!!!! I’ve already forgotten all about this crossover!

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