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Supergirl 3×08 – Crisis on Earth-X (Part 1)

“Sara’s awesome. Except for the fact that she’s an assassin.”

Supergirl 2

The Arrow-verse crossovers have always been a bit of a hit-and-miss. The first two crossovers between Arrow and The Flash were both fantastic, but sadly the ones with the Legends the following year were clunky and overstuffed. Conversely, I loved everything about The Flash/Supergirl crossover that followed as well as the amusing musical, but can hardly remember last year’s superhero team-up. So what about Crisis on Earth-X?

Well, for one, it’s not entirely a crisis (pardon the inevitable pun). It’s never not fun seeing so many characters interact in one setting, even if I don’t religiously follow all four shows anymore. In addition, whoever thought of pairing Alex with Sara, even if just for a one-night stand, is a genius. Here’s a subplot that is brimming with comedic and romantic potential, and Chyler Leigh and Caity Lotz are more than up to the task. Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of these two in the future.

The fact that the team is facing off with Earth-X Nazis is similarly intriguing (and very timely), and the epic fight itself during the wedding is full of blood-pumping action and thrills. However, The CW marketing department spoiled this crossover’s biggest twist WEEKS AGO when they revealed the Earth-X attackers to be evil, doppelgängers of the team. It’s unfortunate because Overgirl (Supergirl’s alter ego), Reverse Flash and Dark Arrow are all super fun to watch, but the last 10 minutes were robbed of their tension and suspense. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, the identity reveals were just tedious.

If there’s one thing that’s been consistent across all these crossovers over the years, it’s the complete lack of respect for Katie Cassidy and, by extension, the true Black Canary. She didn’t play a major role in any of the previous superhero team-ups and is once again glossed over for no plausible reason. I have somehow accepted the fact that Laurel can never end up with Oliver (not with Felicity taking up all that screen-time anyway), but there’s no reason why the writers couldn’t include an Earth-X version of Laurel or even Black Siren (seeing as how she’s a big part of this season’s Arrow). Unacceptable treatment for one of the best actresses across all shows and one of the most iconic comic characters. Shudder.

Super Bits

– Loved the opening scene with the various city names as well as the cool credits with all the superheroes, starting with Supergirl.

– LOL at Earth-X’s version of James (The Guardian) dying within the episode’s opening moments.

– The Flash fighting King Shark was admittedly amusing, but I still don’t see any chemistry whatsoever between Barry and Iris.

– Yuck at all the Olicity drama. Felicity’s “Oliver, I don’t wanna marry you” at the rehearsal dinner is particularly nauseating.

– The look on Alex’s face when she realizes she slept with Sara: priceless!

– Apparently, there’s a rumor that the waitress who was showing a lot of interest in the groom is actually Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future. How thrilling.

– In case you missed it (like me), the song Kara sings when Iris is walking down the aisle is the same one Barry uses when he proposed.

– The best part about the wedding fight? That everyone was still in their wedding attire instead of their costumes.

– Alex and Sara both ripping their dresses as soon as the Nazis hijack the wedding is so badass and epic. I need that GIF!

– I see Mick is still as gross and useless as ever. Does he even do anything in this episode?

– I really wish we could have had the Reign episode this week instead.

Kara Quips

(sees Supergirl sleeping in mid-air)
Felicity: Aw man, I wish I could sleep-fly.

Barry: What happened with Mon-El?
Kara: What didn’t happen? The end of the world.
Barry: Faced that three times.
Kara: Time travel.
Barry: I’ve been there a lot.
Kara: He’s married to someone else.
Barry: Oh. That’s…I’ve got nothing for that, I’m sorry.

Alex (hungover): Why is it so bright here? I mean, don’t they have clouds on this Earth?

Cisco: Guaranteed to put out the “fire” in Firestorm.
Harry Wells: One of you takes it…
Cisco: Boom. You’re back to your old selves.
Harry Wells (to Stein): No offense.

The first hour of the four-way crossover extravaganza has enough thrills and fun to make me want to tune in for more.

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  1. Thank you for this Chris. Part one was def my fave part of the entire crossover. Agree with every single thing you said especially Katie Cassidy, and Sara/Alex being the highlight.
    Also, damn those spoilery promos!

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