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The Flash 4×08 – Crisis on Earth-X (Part 3)

“Where I come from, the history books are filled with stories of this Age of Heroes: Green Arrow, Black Canary, The Flash. And yet no one, no one has ever heard of Felicity Smoak.”

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The Flash kicks off the second half of this year’s crossover, and while it’s not as fun as the Supergirl episode or mesmerizing as some of the action scenes in the Arrow episode, it still has its moments.

For one, the Earth-X material was immersive and sometimes disturbing. While the color palette was a bit too reddish for my taste, it did give the writers an opportunity to introduce a gritty new world with mirror-like reflections of characters we already know (for the most part). It’s true that out of all four shows, I’m still only watching Supergirl religiously, but there was a genuine sense of dread as Evil Captain Lance ordered his entire army of Nazis to kill our superheroes. Also on point: that bone-chilling music that played in the background.

Less effective is pretty much everything else. It’s a true shame that these showrunners have turned the Arrowverse into a universe that revolves around Felicity Smoak because in what world can Felicity take down a couple of heavily armed Nazi soldiers with just two moves? It’s beyond laughable, and as much as I tried not to blame Emily Bett Rickards for the material she has to work with, there’s no denying that her performance in this hour particularly is lackluster and unconvincing. Isn’t it time to stop these shows from turning into “Felicity and Friends”? Or is it too late already?

Speedy Bits

– Earth-X’s version of Leo Snart/Captain Cold was also heavily advertised (thanks again, The CW), but I was never as attached to this character or amused by Wentworth Miller’s odd performance as the rest of the world. Still, him coming to the team’s rescue is pretty…ahem, cool.

– I loved Melissa Benoist as both Overgirl and Supergirl much more than Stephen Amell as both versions of the Arrow, but there were times when you can tell her performance is slipping a little (the lipstick can only change so much about her face). At least they made these crossovers about her this time, so yay for that.

– Hilarious that they managed to include an Earth-X version of Winn (with a beard!).

– Was anyone else hoping we’d get at least one scene with Victor Garber and Carl Lumbly together? The former is a regular on Legends and the latter joined Supergirl recently. I’m sure it would have at least made this Alias fan super happy.

– Goosebump-worthy moment as Sara talks about losing Laurel…for two seconds. And here I was complaining about not enough Laurel.

– The Flash and the Ray trying to stop the Red Tornado is CGI-heavy but absolutely gripping in the episode’s final act.

– Can we get a Lance-family only crossover next year (with Alex and Kara too maybe)? I just love this family like they’re my own.

– Also can I please book a one-way ticket to Reverse Flash’s world where no one has ever heard of Felicity?

Red Blurs & One-Liners

Kara: I don’t think I’m better than everyone else.
Overgirl: You should. You are. You’re a God to them. You could have been living like one.
Kara: Like you?
Overgirl: Yes, like me. They want someone to bow to, to worship, to lead.
Kara: What you’re doing is not leading. It’s ruling.

Barry: As a Snart we know used to say, “Make a plan. Execute the plan. Expect the plan to go off the rails. Throw away the plan.”

Sara (to Alex): The only thing we know about each other is what we look like with clothes off. Beautiful, by the way.

The third part of the highly anticipated superhero team-up is thrilling at times and frustrating at others. Bring on the final hour!

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  1. “Also can I please book a one-way ticket to Reverse Flash’s world where no one has ever heard of Felicity?”

    Hahah this line killed me. And ditto on the Alias reunion. IF ONLY!

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