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The Gifted 1×10 – eXploited

“This is a human problem. It needs a human solution.”

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That was not good.

While The Gifted’s action sequences can be intense and exciting, it’s the quieter less explosive moments that have been severely lacking. There’s a plethora of new characters being introduced week after week with very little emotional investment as well as a bunch of underdeveloped recurring characters spitting exposition until we arrive at the episode’s final moments. All this, combined with a retread of story beats every hour, makes for a pretty stale viewing experience.

Then they went ahead and killed off Dreamer, the one person that had the most potential. Granted, it’s a bold move that certainly makes Dr. Campbell seem like a formidable foe, but there are quite a few other options that could have bit the dust instead (I’m looking at you, Johnny). Plus, killing her off didn’t come as a huge surprise considering Elena Satine was never listed as a regular cast member. So much for shock value, eh?

However, there’s no denying that the episode ends with one of the most twisted sequences I’ve seen in a while as Esme takes down an entire army of mutants and Sentinel Service agents. Her master plan is still vague, but the final shot of multiple Esme’s coming together is a haunting capper to an otherwise underwhelming fall finale. Let’s hope the show comes back stronger for the remaining three episodes of the season.

Xtra Bits

– The flashback in the opening teaser with the politician was awfully boring. I had flashbacks to Senator Petrelli from Heroes.

– How forced and cringe-worthy was the mutant underground tension?

– One good thing about this episode is that we no longer have to watch Esme creepily listening in on other people’s conversations.

– I really want to know why Caitlin’s dad put a gun to her head at age four.

– The Struckers’ entire existence at the Turners’ house was inexplicable. What a horrendous and awful way to get Jace to back down.

– Did anyone else get Dollhouse vibes from that final scene?

– Should this even be called a midseason finale if the show is coming back for only three more episodes in 2018? #FoodForThought

Gifts & Quips

Caitlin: You think people couldn’t water the lawn or put up holiday decorations knowing that people were suffering, but I did. We all did.

A lackluster episode that drags on for far too long then culminates with an intriguing yet disturbing final sequence. Maybe don’t count this show out…yet.

Chris Rating

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