Supergirl 3×10 – Legion of Super-Heroes

"I'm sure she loves being trapped inside a mind prison."


Supergirl’s midseason finale wasn’t perfect, but it featured the show’s most kickass action sequence yet with Reign completely obliterating Kara. Thankfully, Legion of Super-Heroes is a more consistent affair. The action might not be as mindblowing, but the rest of the episode is very strong.

The newest addition to the show is Jesse Rath as the enormously intelligent Brainiac 5. Ruth is immediately charming and amusing in the role, and he bounces off Melissa and the rest of the cast beautifully. I’m not usually fond of new characters being forced into my favorite shows, but he’s so lovable that I can’t wait to see more. Moreover, his introduction is integral to the main narrative as he helps Kara break free of her self-imposed mind prison. This could have been a tedious storyline, but Melissa is so darn great that I even got teary eyed as she spoke to Streaky the cat. Yes, Benoist’s monologue with her childhood feline is gut-wrenchingly good because it has a purpose behind it: a young Kara used to be afraid of holding her pet and involuntarily hurting her (due to her powers). It’s fitting then that the very same feline helps her comes to terms with her human self which she can’t repress if she intends on defeating Reign.

Speaking of our supervillainess, Odette Annable continues to kickass as the infamous Worldkiller. Yes I’m still not a fan of the voice effect, but Reign is still an intimidating force, and I love watching her wreak havoc at every turn. Even more exciting is the cliffhanger with Reign discovering that she can form a team of her own. Bring on the destruction!

Finally, I must admit that Lena and James are starting to grow on me. They were the weak link in the midseason finale, but this hour hilariously allowed Lena to unknowingly face-off with J’onn pretending to be Kara. Can we please give Melissa an Emmy for tapping into David Harewood’s mannerisms and voice so spectacularly? I’m genuinely in awe.

Super Bits

– The midseason finale ended with Sam turning towards Ruby and the camera cutting to black. I thought her face would be disfigured but the show seems to have forgotten about that ending. Instead we got Sam chasing Ruby which ended up being a fakeout. Groan.

– Reign flying straight through the van: super cool. Reign casually flying into Catco? Badass.

– Anyone else feel like Mon El’s revelation of Reign eventually “leaving” in the future kind of robs the storyline of its suspense?

– That wasn’t “Harnessing Anger” but it still sounded beautiful. I am of course referring to the musical score accompanying Kara’s laser escape attempt out of her apartment.

– Reign facing off with Alex and J’onn was super fun. I wish we got more.

– Kara realizing she stocked the furniture for a reason was pretty nifty.

– Raise your hand if you got teary eyed as Alex apologized to a comatose Kara.

– The Legion’s power rings reminded me of Captain Planet. Anyone else remember that iconic cartoon?

– Bloodpumping moment: Livin on a Prayer by Bon Jovi blasting as the Legion of Super-Heroes arrived to fight Reign. It had added impact because of Imara’s line below!

– So Imara is telekinetic? I must say, she’s also growing on me as well.

– Corville is Team Reign. This should be good.

Kara Quips

Imra: Mon-El taught us everything we know. From Aristotle, Shakespeare, Bon Jovi.

Alex: You ready?
J’onn: I just had a conversation about James Olsen’s extraordinary kissing ability. This’ll be a Sunday picnic.

Reign: You will not interfere with my mission.
Mon-El: Interfering is our specialty.
Reign: I’ve only come to cleanse the sin of this world.
Imra: Didn’t feel like starting with yourself then?

Must-Download Tunes
Livin’ on a Prayer by Bon Jovi
Same Boat by Albin Lee Meldau

A stellar return from Supergirl. This season keeps going from strength to strength.

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  1. How kickass is this season seriously?? I just love Reign and I never want her to leave. But so true about Mon-El’s revelation that she does “leave” eventually robbing this storyline of its suspense. I thought that was strange and unnecessary.

    And Melissa Benoist’s laugh when Alex tells her J’onn was disguised as her snd talked about kissing James GAVE ME LIFE.

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