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The Good Place 2×11 – Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent

"I don't want to go back to the bathroom because they put mirrors in the toilet, and that makes you really confront what you're doing!"


What a gut-punch of an ending.

Although we all knew The Good Place would never kill off Michael in a million years, I can’t say that his sacrifice at the end of this week’s hour wasn’t enormously affecting and beautiful. I especially loved the continuity with Michael bringing up The Trolley Problem before giving Eleanor her chance to escape. It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes pivotal moments like his grand gesture so freakin’ satisfying and earned.

Elsewhere, Rhonda, Diana, Jake, and Trent (what a name) was an absolute ball as our core cast members infiltrated The Bad Place’s Museum of Human Nisery. From Tahani’s Rhonda Mumps to Good Janet pretending to be Bad Janet, this episode was littered with nuggets of hilarity (see below). But the highlight? Jason’s Molotov cocktail (which starts out as a joke) ending up being integral to the gang’s escape. How epic was that?

Bits & Places

– They can curse again! Woah, gamechanger.

– The character of Chet (the guy who recognizes Chidi) is played by none other than Kristen Bell’s real-life husband Dax Shepard.

– The museum exhibit features: First person to ever floss in an open-plan office, first man to send an unsolicited picture of his genitals, first waiter to approach a diner with an empty plate and say “I guess you hated it”, first white person to wear dreadlocks, first person to call Ultimate Frisbee “Ultimate”, first man to say “well actually” to a woman, and first person to say “I need a vacation… from my vacation.”. Wow!

– A waiter lists the appetizers as: soul food from Maine, bagels from Arkansas, Hawaiian pizza, of course, and egg salad from a hospital vending machine in Azerbaijan.

– The gang watching robot versions of themselves talk about their worst qualities was a hoot.

Heavenly Quips

Michael: In this realm, IHOP stands for “Interdimensional Hole of Pancakes.” You don’t really eat these pancakes. It’s more like they eat you.
Jason: Okay. I’ll get eggs, then.

Tahani: What is that? Is that jewelry? Not that it matters. It’s just some jewelry I don’t have. Can I have it?

Michael: Janet doesn’t need one, because for portals, she counts as a carry-on.
Janet: I’m luggage.

Jason: This plan seems complicated.
Eleanor: To be fair, you also once said that about an orange.
Jason: They don’t make sense. Apples, you eat their clothes. But oranges you don’t?

Tahani: I actually dabbled in a bit of acting after university. Although mostly I just stood around while Baz Luhrmann just threw glitter on me. Ooh, I shall be Rhonda Mumps. And I work down at the hot dog factory.
Michael: You need to be more specific. There are nine hot dog torture departments. Making people into, stuffing people with Ooh, stuffing people sounds fun.
Tahani: Is that like shoving them into the throats of vegans?
Michael: Yes. Throats.

Michael: Now I know you look like a Bad Janet, but can you act like one?
Janet: I have gained a lot of new skills recently. For example, I learned how to be passive-aggressive. Totally fine that you guys haven’t noticed.

Jason: Is there a gift shop?
Michael: Jason, this is Hell. Of course there’s a gift shop.

Sean: Welcome home. Axe up.
Michael: Oh! New scent! “Transformers!”
Sean: Yes. It makes you smell the way “Transformers” movies make you feel.

Eleanor: Look if you don’t want to lie because it conflicts with your moral principles, I get it. No one’s gonna be mad at you.
Chidi: Really?
Eleanor: No, dumbass! I’m lying to you to make you feel better. See? Sometimes lying is awesome.

Demon: I’m gonna go take a dump. You want me to grab you one?
Tahani: No, I’m good. Thanks.
Demon: Not even a little nug?

Mindy: (to Derek) Oh, do some coke off my butt.

Another razor-sharp hour from The Good Place. Excellent episode on all fronts!

Nad Rating


  1. Absolutely loved that ending! I can’t believe they brought back the trolley problem so brilliantly like that. God I love this show.

    And thanks for those Bad Place details in the bits! I knew I’d missed a bunch of stuff when watching. And of course Hawaiian pizza made it to the Bad Place hahahha

  2. I was moved by the ending. Michael has come a long way. I fear what Shawn may do to him as punishment. And it was a good twist for Jason’s stupidity to be useful in an escape.

    Nice to see Dax Shepard. I’ve noticed, in most of the stuff he stars in with his wife, he plays a douchebag. And he plays one well.

    LOL at Good Janet trying to be bad and that Transformer scent joke. “Why do you smell loud and confusing?”

  3. Am I really he only one to have spotted a Supernatural easter egg there.I mean ,the only insult Janet is able to come with is “butt-ass”,really ? “Ass-butt” is one of spn’s most known bit.

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