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This Is Us 2×13 – That’ll Be the Day

"Randall looks the same every single day. He's like a cartoon character."

This Is Us - Season 2
This would have been a B+ hour if not for that gut-wrenching final sequence.

I am of course referring to the Pearson household lighting up in a horrifying blaze, intercut with the family sharing some heartbreaking emotional moments. It’s impeccably edited, and beautifully soundtracked to The Cinematic Orchestra’s epic piece To Build A Home (find it below). Supposedly, we’ll finally learn the full details of Jack’s death in the upcoming Superbowl episode on February 4th (it’s about time!). Nevertheless, one of the last pieces of the puzzle has been revealed: the fire was caused by a faulty slow-cooker gifted to the Pearsons by their elderly neighbors (in a nifty twist that first had us believe we were in the present timeline).

Although it’s a bit random to see Randall and Beth shift so quickly from the foster parent storyline to being new “landlords”, this subplot was admittedly a hoot to watch. Sure Randall had to learn another lesson by episode’s end, but it was satisfying to see him and Kevin band together to do some actual good in the world. Plus, Lloyd is hilarious, and we need to see more of him in the coming weeks. Garrett Morris for the win!

Heartwarming Bits

– Kevin and Randall walking in slow-motion towards the camera as the latter lifts up his sleeve was hysterical.

– Funniest bit of the episode: the women gathering to watch Kevin tearing down the wall while the old guy watches Randall struggle with the plumbing.

– Kate telling jack to stop calling her pretty was seriously sad.

– Cool parallels: both Kevin and his dad try to deal with their alcohol addiction by building things.

– It’s so depressing to think that Rebecca and Jack never got to be business partners. That would have been beautiful to watch.

– So Kate and Toby have a dog now! Pretty cute I must say!

– It scares me how much Hannah Zeile (who plays 16-year old Kate) looks like Chrissy Metz. The resemblance is uncanny!

– So how did Rebecca, Randall, and Kate escape the fire safely? I feel like the next episode is going to be a nail-biter.

– Seriously the editing in that final sequence was freakin’ masterful. Howard Leder (the show’s editor) deserves all the awards.

Triplet Talk

Lloyd: Well, thanks for the bagel and the orangey fish.
Randall: It’s smoked salmon, Lloyd.

Kevin: He’s already been gone for 20 years. He’s already been gone longer than we had him.

Randall: I sound smarter when you do me than when I do me.
Beth: Yeah, well, that’s why it’s fun.

Toby: Audio? I love it. It’s like some weird, obnoxious celebrity baby name.

Must-Download Tune
To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

Thanks to an incredible final sequence, That’ll Be The Day is one hell of a memorable episode.

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  1. I had a feeling based on the promo that the fire was going to happen this episode. That final sequence was haunting to watch. Now Jack’s death is just around the corner. I wonder how the show will handle the flashbacks after next episode. Will they mainly deal with the Pearson family coping with life after Jack or still on touch moments involving him?

  2. That ending was so masterful!! Amazing.

    Agreed on everything else as always. And Justin makes a great point, really makes you wonder how they’re gonna do flashbacks moving forward. Although the flashbacks were never very consistent before, it would feel super weird to go back to before he died after we’ve seen the death scene.

    And I love that final song. Equal parts depressing and uplifting!

  3. It is funny how after eagerly waiting 2 seasons to find out the cause of Jack’s death, I now feel totally NOT READY for it after that last scene :'(

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