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Scandal 7×09 – Good People

“Olivia isn’t Olivia anymore. Olivia has become some monster.”


Well that was pointless filler.

Trying to convince us that Quinn was dead is most likely the dumbest thing Scandal has ever attempted, and that’s quite the achievement after a few years of ridiculous political shenanigans and murder sprees. The worst part, however, is not how disrespectful this writing decision was to an audience that deserves better, but the fact that the show spends an entire hour on an uneventful flashback that eventually adds nothing to the proceedings. There are rumors that this episode was supposed to air before last week’s, but even if that were true this still comes off as a meaningless hour of television I can never take back.

Obviously, the show has had a Rowan Pope problem for quite some time now. This is a character that has long overstayed his welcome, but to spend all 40 minutes on him as he makes a new friend, manipulates him into buying a gun then kills said friend is nonsensical. I know the writers have run out of ideas at this point, and it truly seems like they barely have any loose ends to tie up in their seventh and final season. In addition, for a show that supposedly celebrates female empowerment, why is it giving so much power and control to someone like Rowan? Why does this evil man get to kidnap, threaten, drug and torture Quinn and suffer no consequences? On the contrary, by the time the episode comes to an end, Quinn actually thanks him and she does so while helping him clean an innocent man’s blood off his basement floor. Absolutely disgusting.

None of this is as infuriating as the show’s attempts to write off all of Rowan’s heinousness as intricacy or complexity. No, that’s not what a three-dimensional character is supposed to look like, writers. Therefore, the line at the end about being good people, which is ultimately the episode’s unsubtle message at redeeming a character that is far, far worse than Olivia, comes off as weak and extremely unconvincing. Better luck next time, Scandal.

Scandalous Bits

– At least we get to hear Rowan scream “I want my bones” again, so there’s a plus, right? #Sarcasm

– What’s the point in reliving some of the scenes from the midseason finale if they’re not even from another point of view? Seriously, who the hell wrote this crap?

– Every time Rowan talked to that dinosaur, I wanted to scream into a pillow. And of course there’s a hidden camera stashed in that thing. Future plot twist: Rowan is aware of the camera and is purposely giving Jake false information about his upcoming plans.

– Blink and you’ll miss it: the elevator Quinn takes actually says Quinn Perkins & Associates now.

– Nothing is worse than regular Rowan than Rowan using the race card to manipulate poor Marvin into buying a gun for him in his name.

– Did anyone else think Marvin’s entire subplot existed so Shonda could send a message about big chains like Walmart selling luggage, cribs and guns all in one store?

– How unoriginal is Quinn seeing ghosts of her friends in the basement? Feels like a plot from 10 years ago.

– Hey, remember when Mellie was the President of the United States and an actual character on this show? The writers sure don’t.

– I truly believe next week will be a game-changing point for the season. It will never be must-see-television anymore, but it might just become more important than some background music again.


Huck: The Quinn I know would be tearing down the walls trying to get out of here. Instead you’re chilling on a filthy mattress, singing lullabies wildly out of key.
Quinn: I have a great voice.

Quinn: Olivia is a bitch.
Rowan: It was impressive.
Quinn: Okay, yeah, it was. But still, come on.
Rowan: I am not going to call my child a bitch.

Another horrendous and filler episode of a show that’s gone completely off the rails.

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  1. I hope next episode shakes things up for the better so this season has a compelling finish. I want Olivia’s friends see her for who she has become and make it their mission to bring her down.

    1. Amen. I really hope there’s no redemption arc for Olivia because she doesn’t deserve it. I want her, her dad and Jake to go down by the time the show ends but knowing Shonda’s obsession with all 3 characters I doubt they’ll be killed off.

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