Black Lightning Guest Review

Black Lightning 1×03 – LaWanda: The Book of Burial

“Everybody wanna go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.”

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Every episode of Black Lightning so far has me wanting to spend more time with these characters and this gritty universe. This is a great accomplishment for a freshman series still so early in its run.

One of the reasons it works so well is that it doesn’t ignore the events from the previous episodes or resets the status quo. In fact, it’s amazing how LaWanda’s death from LaWanda: The Book of Hope continues to impact the characters this week as well. It leads to a very timely march on the streets, which in turn leads to another shoot-out. Despite the bleakness of this show’s world, there’s still a very uplifting theme here as Black Lightning manifests a large shield to protect everyone from the gunman. Uber satisfying.

Jefferson’s daughters are just as impressive and intriguing. While Anissa’s romantic woes are extremely soapy and forced in typical CW fashion, her attesting to her powers in the opening teaser is badass. Furthermore, Jennifer provides some much needed comic relief during the family dinner scene when she reveals she’s having sex on Saturday. Sure, that plan goes awry when Khalil ends up paralyzed by the end of the hour, but for a moment the show embraces a very sitcom-y vibe and pulls it off effortlessly. Not that many shows can juggle such a grounded subplot alongside a gritty storyline during one episode, so bravo on another splendid accomplishment.

Lightning Bits

– Superb editing in the opening scenes as Anissa practices in the junkyard. She ends up realizing her powers are directly related to her breathing. Hmmm.

– How awesome is Lady Eve? I was genuinely smiling at every line she said.

– Hilarious moment as Lady Eve calls Tobias’ sniper Syonide “the girl with death in her eyes”.

– Grace is an interesting addition to the show, but I wish she wasn’t introduced just to break up Anissa’s relationship with her girlfriend.

– Who else caught the Supergirl mention? Does this mean these two shows exist on the same Earth or is Supergirl simply a comic book character in this universe?

– Jefferson asking Khalil how he showers and what parts of his body he dries first is hilariously awkward.

– So does Syonide miss that shot on purpose? I rewatched that scene multiple times and I still can’t tell if she purposely decides not to shoot Black Lightning or if she’s just a truly terrible sniper.

– My jaw actually dropped when Gambi deletes the security footage that shows Tobias in the car on the streets. Is he secretly a bad guy or does he simply not want Jefferson to know Tobias is still looming out there?

Freeland Quips

Lady Eve: My grandmother always told me that if you don’t write a thank-you note, it’s as if the good thing never happened.

Jennifer: Anissa not coming sucks.
Lynn: Language!
Jennifer: Sorry. This turn of events is dispiriting, as I wished for her support during this repast.

The best and most exciting episode yet. I’m officially hooked.

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