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Scandal 7×10 – The People v. Olivia Pope

“I’m not your gladiator anymore.”


When Scandal doesn’t bore me to death, it insults my intelligence. This week, it pulls off both feats with flying colors.

While there is no redeeming Olivia Pope at this point, it’s ridiculous that the show isn’t even trying anyway. I was excited for Liv’s Vermont intervention because I genuinely thought it could be a turning point for the season; however, the fact that she was able to fool the entire gang (plus Fitz) into believing that she has changed is ludicrous and extremely disrespectful. Olivia, you are officially the worst character on television right now, no matter how smart the writers think you are.

In addition, revealing that Quinn is still alive last week makes every “you’re the reason she’s dead” fight come off as very pointless. There’s no urgency in the proceedings, not to mention how utterly ridiculous Quinn’s storyline is at this point. If there’s any reason to keep watching this atrocious train-wreck, it’s for the possibility of Quinn murdering Olivia in the finale. There’s no other satisfying ending to this show, and when you’re actively rooting for the main character to be killed off, then there’s something seriously messed up here.

Luckily, the show finally acknowledges that Mellie exists again. While I would have preferred a more satisfying, female-empowering team-up between the First Lady and Olivia, it brings joy to my heart to see Mellie stand up to her and threaten to bring Liv down. The final shot of the two women in the Oval Office proves there might be an exciting face-off soon, and I can’t wait to see how this show ends up ruining this one too.

Scandalous Bits

– Kerry Washington directed this episode, and I’ll give credit where credit is due because there are some significant nifty shots this week.

– Only time I’ve ever loved Cyrus is him telling Mellie that Olivia killed Rashad. Finally he’s not useless!

– Best line ever: Mellie calling Jake “Olivia’s dog”.

– I’ve never hated Jake more than when he tells Mellie that she couldn’t keep her legs closed. Again, so much for freakin’ female empowerment, Shonda.

– Incredibly awkward and absurd scene as Charlie watches in horror the kidnapped mother of his child singing to their baby Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time with the devil Rowan.

– Much like last week, this episode uses every old cliché in the book, this time in the form of having every character go up to Liv’s door one by one to try to get her to come out. So overused!

– Poignant scene as Rowan teaches Charlie how to hold his baby. For once, these characters had actual feelings that resemble humanity.

– Good God, whoever thought Olivia sleeping with Jake again is a good idea?

– Did it look like Jake was unhappy with the way Liv treats him at the end?


Jake: How did you get in here?
Mellie: Same way you did, Jake. Through the door.

Another stale hour from a show that has long overstayed its welcome.

Chris Rating

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