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The Good Place 2×13 – Somewhere Else

"No one gets hurt. Except them, forever. And me, I assume, also. Forever."


Well that was underwhelming.

In fact I hate to say it, but I think that was my least favorite episode of The Good Place ever. That’s not something you want to say about your season finale – the one episode of the year that’s supposed to completely knock your socks off before an endless summer break. Why show, why?

The primary problem with this episode is the complete lack of attention given to the cast (apart from Eleanor). Yes I know the show began as her story, but The Good Place soon evolved into an ensemble peppered with the most lovable characters on TV. Did we really need to spend 20 minutes watching Eleanor getting another chance at life? I love the idea of this “test” from a thematic perspective, but it dragged on for far too long and I found myself utterly bored (which is not a feeling I’ve ever gotten watching this show).

On the bright side? Everything about Michael getting involved (illegally) and turning the tide towards Eleanor’s favor was fantastic. The brilliance here is his nudging Shellstrop towards finding Chidi, the one person who brings out her “good” side. Moreover, I’m extremely intrigued to see what season three will look like. Are the gang going to spend it apart trying to find each other while redoing their life choices? That’s the thing about The Good Place, I never know where it’s going to go next and that’s incredibly exciting.

Bits & Places

– Love that Chidi gets so inspired by Janet professing her love to Jason that he kisses Eleanor.

– So is Tahani totally fine with Janet and Jason? I’m curious to know.

– My jaw dropped when the show jumped back to Eleanor’s death and she was rescued from the crazy shopping carts. Was that Michael who swooped in?

– Gen is still a hoot. Please become a regular on the show. Please.

– I’ve never watched Cheers, but I know Ted Danson played an iconic bartender there so I can imagine people went crazy during that bar reveal.

– I really liked the concept of “moral dessert.” It actually made me reflect on my own reasons for “doing good.” Not a lot of sitcoms can pride themselves on such insightful exploration.

– Epic: Eleanor referring to a sash as a “diagonal award belt.” On point!

– Nice bit of continuity: Chidi once told Eleanor he wished they met with her walking into his office to ask him a philosophy question. Well lo and behold that’s exactly what happened.

– Callback: Eleanor mispronouncing his name yet again. “Chidi… Ana Kendrick?”

– Nifty final moment with Michael’s “here we go.” I’m pumped!

Heavenly Quips

Tahani: Then I heard this little voice in my head saying, “Tahani, don’t do this.”
Eleanor: The little voice in your head sounds like the old lady from “Downton Abbey.”
Tahani: Oh, yeah, sorry. Maggie Smith is my godmother.

Gen: Hi, guys. Couple quick announcements. Would anyone eat chips and guac if I put it out? It’s good. It’s homemade. No takers? A’ight. Second thing: we figured out a plan to save your souls.

Eleanor: How much time will we be alone?
Michael: Hard to say. Uh, could be a month. Could be a million years.
Gen: So, between a month and a million years.
Michael: Yeah, give or take.

Eleanor: Why should we have to go live alone in a boring void because of a messed-up system? How is that justice?
Gen: Okay. Slow your roll there, Erin Brockovich.

Betsy: I had a near death experience recently. You know that old warehouse that burned down last month and, like, four people died? That building is, like, right by my old dentist. If I still went to that dentist and I had an appointment that day, I would’ve been like right near there.
Brittany: I was in Syracuse, New York, like two weeks before 9/11.
Betsy: No way!
Brittany: Yeah, 14 days.
Betsy: I can’t believe we all almost died!

A severely underwhelming season finale. It’s a pity that the show’s weakest episode was its final one of the year, but I still have unwavering faith in this little gem.

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  1. I admit Somewhere Else wasn’t the most exciting episode for the season to end with. But I think that’s because the purpose of the finale was to set the stage for the initial status quo of Season 3. And to explore some interesting questions about Eleanor. Would a near-death experience be enough to push Eleanor to be a better person? Would she need more than that to stay on the right path? Would a motivation for doing good as a result of nearly getting killed be entirely pure? And I think the episode was focused on Eleanor so the others’ fates will be left as a mystery for next season. I doubt they’ll be apart from each other for long. Eleanor has already made contact with Chidi.

    I like the scene between Michael and Eleanor in the bar. I love their friendship. They both know what it is like to be terrible people which allows them to understand each other in ways most people can’t.

    It wasn’t until after this episode that I recalled Ted Danson’s time on Cheers. I’ve seen very little of that show and I’ve gotten used to the roles Danson have played since then. One of my favorites prior to The Good Place was the character George from Bored to Death.

    1. Never seen Cheers either but I loved Danson on Becker! A 90s sitcom that was so weird and underrated.

      1. I remember that show. Danson’s character reminded me of Dr. House which is interesting since the show came on before House premiered.

      2. Haha true he was a bit grumpy like House (never seen that show either but I’m assuming). I would love to watch Becker again some day! I wonder if it’s streaming somewhere.

      3. There is something seriously wrong with humans who haven’t watched Cheers. WATCH CHEERS!! (It’s on Netflix. Seasons 1-3 are fairly slow-paced; it’s one of those shows you have to pay attention to…it starts to get broader in season 4 and then REALLY broad when Kirstie Alley joins the cast. But it always remains superiorly funny.)

        Becker is widely thought of to be one of the worst sitcoms to ever grace television. It’s right up there with According to Jim and Yes, Dear. Danson and cast were great, but the writing never quite got there.

      4. Never watched Cheers 🙁 But I def want to now! Thanks Kplan!

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