Supergirl 3×13 – Both Sides Now

"Now, go do superheroic stuff."


This is the last Supergirl episode before a two-month break. Yeah, let that depressing thought sink in.

Both Sides Now has enough positives to make it a worthwhile watch, but it does stumble with one particular character motivation: I don’t buy Alex suddenly turning into such an aggressive torture-happy agent. The show wants us to believe that this is what Maggie leaving does to the kickass Danvers sister, but where was the buildup? Her behavior this week came out of nowhere, and that robbed the episode of the impact it could have had.

Thankfully, Krys Marshall joining the show as the Worldkiller Purity is an INSPIRED idea. Marshall is immediately outstanding in the role; she’s sinister and oh so creepy when the moment calls for it, and yet she’s completely sympathetic as poor Julia (whose body has been overtaken by this otherworldly entity). Any weaknesses in Alex’s motivations are rectified here, since Purity is such a formidable and compelling antagonist. The mind boggles at the possibilities of her teaming up with Reign. Bring on the wreckage!

And then there’s that blood-pumping final scene as Lena finally realizes who Sam truly is. It’s about time our ladies discover that their best friend is also the Big Bad causing havoc, and I can’t wait to see how they try and solve this one. Kudos writers for involving Lena even more in the main narrative.

Super Bits

– The teaser’s opening shot with Kara landing on the street was really atrocious CGI. Why show?

– I loved everything about Kara and the team trying to apprehend Julia. The highlight: Kara freezing Purity’s sonic screams!

– Another kickass set-piece: Purity breaking out of the DEO starting with her sending Kara flying into a wall. Woah! A close runner up is Purity zooming through the glass and flying away.

– So very tedious: the subplot with Mon El and J’onn on the ship. No one cares.

– Loved that Lena picked up Ruby when she needed her most.

– The entire set-piece at the subway station was mindblowingly good. From Kara smashing Purity through the train to the villain shattering the ground beneath them, everything here was on point and thrilling.

– Alex sweet-talking Julia was a bit too heavy-handed for me. But Reign arriving and almost killing Alex more than made up for that! How terrifyingly awesome!

–  Since Julia saves Alex and sacrifices herself, I’m guessing we’re to assume there’s some good left in her after all. Hmm…

– Now that Mon-El didn’t deny his love for Kara, we’ve certainly got a love triangle brewing. Can you say ugh?

Kara Quips

Alex: What would you like me to call you?
Purity: I am the scalding light. I am the flood that sweeps away sins. I am the word and cry of justice.
Alex: Yeah, would you mind just condensing that a little bit?
Kara: Alex!
Alex: Well, it’s long.

Kara: I am used to you being pragmatic, but since when have you become so hard and cynical?
Alex: Well, not all of us are bulletproof, Kara.
Kara: I know.
Alex: So, cynicism, that’s what’s keeping the rest of us alive.
Kara: Well, it seems like it’s killing you.

It has its flaws, but Both Sides Now has enough action and spectacle to make this an exciting outing of Supergirl.

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