911 Guest Review

911 1×06 – Heartbreaker

“It was all going so great, until I had to cut a hole in his throat.”


It’s amazing how entertaining this show has been so far.

This Valentine’s Day episode is an absolute hoot from start to finish. It’s jam-packed with so many emergencies, it’s almost hard to keep count, and while I thought the opening teaser with the private jet incident to be gripping on many levels, Athena’s entire ordeal is the real winner this week. After she decides to work extra shifts this year on Valentine’s day for obvious reasons, Athena goes from door to door, emergency to emergency. It’s not until she gets tied up by a heartbroken psycho that things get really serious. While I obviously never doubted whether she was going to get killed off (not this soon anyway), it was still riveting to watch Athena slowly gather the clues and find her way out of that trauma.

Even more impressive is that the show finally introduces Abby and Bobby to each other. It amazes me that I hadn’t even considered the possibility of these two hooking up until this point, but the chemistry between Peter Krause and Connie Britton is too good that it would be wasted potential not to consider this. The writers keep their screen-time together to a bare minimum, but if the ending is any indication, it certainly seems like a love triangle with Buck is on the horizon. And the shocking thing is, I’m all here for it.

Emergency Bits

– Love how the teaser brilliantly keeps us on edge as we immediately assume the emergency will be related to the private jet crashing down. The proposal checklist is very sweet too, if you forget that the woman ends up with symptoms resembling a heart attack.

– Nice seeing Chimney back again! I would’ve thought the surgery would have left a much bigger scar on his forehead, but that’s nitpicking. How hilarious was that cake, though?

– Thrilling sequence with Athena speeding her way through traffic lights on the freeway to get a transplant organ to the hospital. What a badass.

– Not sure what to make of us listening in on Abby and Buck’s thoughts during their awkward date. That was…new?

– Super gory visual as Abby cuts through Buck’s airway with a knife and uses a pen to save his life. Anyone else got Grey’s Anatomy vibes from Meredith doing almost the exact same thing last year?

– Very implausible how the psycho murderer ends up tying Athena to a chair, but I’ll let this minor detail slide this time, show.

– Heartwarming ending as Athena returns home to a Valentine’s Day card from the family.


Ted: You mentioned once liking that brand, so…
Melora: I like chocolate, I like Le Vian diamonds. Real diamonds, not Le Vian diamond-shaped chocolates!

Melora: I saw it in their texts. And then I texted her from his phone and told her to come here for a romantic rendezvous.
Athena: Did you hurt her?
Melora: I bashed her over the head when she came, with a pan, couple times, but not enough apparently ‘cause she hasn’t lost the ability to speak.

Bobby: Seems like you could use a cup of coffee.
Abby: That’s okay, right? I mean, you can’t choke on that, can you?
Bobby: Clearly, you’ve never had the coffee from here before.

Must-Download Tune
Heartbeats by José Gonzalez

Another amusing installment of a show that has yet to disappoint.

Chris Rating


  1. Super exciting episode !! But my only concern is the way they portrayed women : one is a psychopath and the other is a cheater … (if you don’t count Abby & her desperation to sleep with someone). Thank God for Athena 😂

    1. So true Sara, I didn’t even realize!! Such a shame they had to portray women like that this week, even Athena a badass cop ended up tied to a chair magically somehow. And Abby is starting to get on my nerves honestly. But glad we all still agree on this show! 😀😀

  2. Perfect review Chris I agree with every single one of your points especially Athena getting tied up. I just didn’t buy that although I kept trying to picture it happen in my head.

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