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Grey’s Anatomy 14×12 – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

"You could think of this vagina as your gift to me."


That was kind of forgettable.

I actually feel like I don’t have much to say after last week’s stunning Bailey-centric hour. This episode is quite unmemorable in comparison.

It’s always good to introduce a little competition between our doctors, so the Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest is certainly an intriguing addition to the show. Weirdly enough, Alex and Amelia’s entry doesn’t advance to phase two, which doesn’t bode well for their patient Kimmie. While I was suitably horrified at Kimmie messing up the lyrics during brain surgery, I can’t say I was too engrossed by her storyline. Much more intriguing is Meredith and Jo’s partnership, coupled with the strange twist of Meredith forgetting to get the needed patent. Does this mean Meredith has done something illegal/unethical, or just that it will be impossible to get the patent at this stage? I’m curious to see where the writers take this storyline after making our heroine such a gargantuan medical superstar over the course of the past year.

This week also introduces Catherine’s friend, Dr. Michelle Velez, who wants to perfect vaginoplasties with Jackson’s help. It’s always amusing to see Catherine and her son butt heads over sexual terminology, so this was an entertaining albeit far from groundbreaking subplot.

Bits & Scalpels

– Webber learning to Salsa to surprise Catherine was pretty cute.

– It feels weird to see Bailey with such a minimal role this week after having last week all to herself.

– I’m so pleased to see the show’s veiled doctor, Dahlia, receive so much screen-time this week. It’s such a great moment for diversity on TV and will achieve a lot in educating the masses and preventing Muslim stereotypes.

– I’m a big fan of pairing Arizona and Carina together. In fact, I think the latter is a standout character who deserves a whole lot more attention.

– Loved the aha moment with Meredith and Jo realizing that multiple spleens could mean multiple livers and kidneys.

Grey Banter

Doctor: This technique could be life-changing, and not just for trans women, but women who were born with congenital defects, potentially cis women who have lost their vaginal canals to cancer. And it would allow for an even better orgasm.
Catherine: Ooh! Now you’re talking my language.
Jackson: Thank you, Mom.

Catherine: The genitals is where our work intersects.
Jackson: Yes. That doesn’t mean you and I have to intersect – around said genitals.

DeLuca: (to Bello) Stop eating chips like you’re trying to seduce them.

Webber: There’s no timeline for grief, Maggie.

An amusing but somewhat disappointing hour after last week’s brilliance.

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