911 Guest Review

911 1×07 – Full Moon (Creepy AF)

“Every full moon, the freaks come out.”


I have never been a huge fan of the horror genre. While I enjoyed movies like It and Get Out last year and loved American Horror Story: Asylum (the only season of AHS I was able to finish), nothing about the jump-scares and sinister music really grips me.

So imagine my surprise when I find myself absolutely riveted by this week’s episode of 911, an hour that is both incredibly entertaining and creepy. Ryan Murphy is obviously no stranger to this genre, but it’s still mighty impressive how the bone-chilling subplot of an old woman seeing a terrifying man standing outside her house at night is incorporated into a show that’s been mostly disguised as a soapy dramedy so far. The fact that this ends up tying two of Abby’s distress calls in an immensely satisfying and empowering domestic abuse storyline by the end of the episode is a stroke of genius.

Full Moon (Creepy AF) also juggles a couple of lighthearted subplots, judging by that title alone. Whether it’s Bobby helping an entire class of pregnant women deliver their babies, Buck pulling out a tapeworm from a guy’s behind (more like Nasty AF) or Athena getting attacked by a zombie/vampire, the episode has enough musings to entertain and keep you hooked until the very end. Sadly, the zombie/vampire ends up being just a crazy, flesh-eating idiot, proving that there might be more to the “full moon” myth than one might think.

Emergency Bits

– Who else got the chills when Hen sees her reflection at the old lady’s house, realizing that the man was actually inside when she made the 9-1-1 call?

– Horrifying moment as Abby hears a victim screaming over the phone just moments before an attacker kills her.

– Abby listening to old calls of the same victim who was abused by her ex-husband ends up becoming one of my favorite subplots so far. The way she figures out it couldn’t be the same attacker because of the victim’s different responses over the phone is brilliant.

– Raise your hand if you too know what Braxton Hicks contractions are, thanks to Friends!

– I’m sad to see Hen being saddled with a terrible subplot, but nothing about her going back to her ex-wife who just got out of a correctional facility is interesting. She deserves much better material!

– Goosebumps-worthy moment as Abby listens to Nora Jane killing her abusive ex-husband. Things got exceptionally dark, way too quick.

– Buck and Abby finally have sex by the end of the hour, but I’m still shipping Bobby and Abby!


Abby: (to Buck) So, when are we gonna do this again? I mean dinner, not the tracheotomy.

Bobby: You read this in a peer-reviewed, scientific publication?
Buck: I don’t know. Is the internet considered a scientific publication?

Buck: You still think this full moon stuff is a myth?
Bobby: Yes, and I still think you’re an idiot.

While the multiple tones are a bit jarring for one hour, the writers are mostly successful in crafting a well-plotted, chilling domestic abuse storyline into a solid episode. Definitely one of my favorites.

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