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Grey’s Anatomy 14×13 – You Really Got a Hold on Me

"What are we whispering so loudly about?"



You Really Got a Hold on Me has two objectives: it has to function as an effective standalone episode, while simultaneously launching Shondaland’s new fireman spinoff Station 19. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really succeed on either front.

As captain Andy Herrera and the star of Station 19, Jaina Lee Ortiz makes for a strong lead right off the bat. She’s determined, resourceful and very much in the vein of Meredith Grey. Naturally the show has the two leads play off one another and the dynamic works well (particularly with Andy’s hand stuck inside the patient). Is it enough to make me want to watch Station 19? I’m not so sure.

Sadly, the rest of the hour falls flat. From Kepner’s party ways to Jackson’s jealousy and the continued awkwardness with Maggie, it’s all tremendously unexciting and dull to watch. The only worthwhile elements is Dr. Qadri getting a whole lot of screen-time. The muslim doctor using her hijab to save the patient was a refreshing storyline for the the show to explore and I’m actually kind of rooting for her to get together with Hunt. Anyone else sense some sparks?

Bits & Scalpels

– Tom Koracik is back. How boring.

– How great was Bailey’s monologue in the OR? God sless Chandra Wilson.

– I like Hellmouth. Don’t know why, but I do.

– Nice touch with Andy taking the call for Meredith and setting up the meeting.

– Both boys made it! Can’t say I saw that one coming.

Grey Banter

Jo: Who’s Kepner to judge? Besides, you know, being the judge.

Andy: What if I miss?
Meredith: I would prefer it if you didn’t.

An unexceptional hour that’s more preoccupied with setting up the new spinoff (which it barely accomplishes).

Nad Rating


  1. “Meh” perfectly describes this episode! Not terrible, but nothing special either. I found myself kinda dosing off halfway through.

    But love that the muslim doctor is getting plenty more screentime! Loved all her scenes this week. And defintely felt some sparks between her and Owen too. Wouldn’t be a terrible idea!

    Also, I have a feeling the spinoff is gonna be a snoozefest.

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