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Good Girls 1×01 – Pilot

"I smell like booze and crime."


I have no idea how subsequent episodes will fare, but as a debut, the Good Girls pilot is an effortlessly entertaining start.

The story of three suburban women who decide to rob a grocery store to solve their financial woes, Good Girls is a dramedy in every sense of the word. There’s the obvious hilarity with the whacky hijinks that ensue when these otherwise normal moms break bad, and yet each of their stories are deeply troubled and depressing. The show strikes an uneven but mostly effective balance between both, although it takes a pretty dark turn in the final ten minutes. Nevertheless, the ending (which I won’t spoil here) is gripping enough to ensure your return for a second episode.

The cast of ladies is also terrific. Christina Hendricks was always one of Mad Men‘s MVPs, so I’m ecstatic that she has a starring role here as Beth, a woman struggling to come to terms with a cheating husband who also has the family drowning in debt. Hendricks is bursting with charisma, and she’s the undoubted star of the show. Her sister ¬†Annie is not as engaging, but Mae Whitman does a good job with a tricky role. Finally, although I’ve never seen Retta before, she’s a revelation as Ruby Hill, a mother who can’t afford an experimental drug for her sick child. Hers is the most heartbreaking story, and it’s the plot point that makes you root most for the ladies entering a life of crime.

With an engaging story and a charming cast, Good Girls is off to a very entertaining start.

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  1. Perfectly stated. I loved this and I’m just SLIGHTLY worried to see how it can work on a long-term basis. It can’t become the next Breaking Bad in terms of depth obviously, but man that cast is so lovable!

    1. Really wonder how this would have been like as a cable show! It would have been much darker for sure!

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