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The Good Fight 2×01 – Day 408

"Our brave new world. Mistrust everything."


The Good Fight was one of the finest things on television last year. In fact, I reviewed every single episode. But can the show sustain its brilliance this season? You can surely bet on it!

Day 408 is a magnificent season premiere that effortlessly brings one of TV’s finest prestige dramas back into the fold. There’s an ominous tone to this episode, particularly with the specter of death hanging over all the proceedings (the whole episode does take place at Reddick’s funeral after all). And yet the dark wit and sharp dialogue never falter, and our characters are just as defined as ever.

Diane is the star of this one, and Christine Baranski is off-the-charts good. Although she doesn’t face any near-death experiences herself, Diane is overwhelmed by the sheer amount of death surrounding her this week, and it makes for a really insightful hour. It’s small details like her fascination with the hit & run on TV that make her journey this week so revelatory: Diane is obviously struggling with her mortality, as well as with the nature of her work. This makes her decision to try “microdosing” all the more believable – sure it’s funny, but it also makes sense in the context of her character.

Much like she did last season, Jane Lynch continues to impress as Agent Madeline Starkey. Her scenes with Maia are a hoot, particularly because she does most of the talking (and what a smooth talker she is). It’s always fun to see Maia and Lucca team up against someone, so I loved watching the duo give Starkey a dose of her own medicine with the manipulated voice recording. Obviously there’s no risk of Maia actually going to jail, but I’ve enjoyed the heck out of this storyline because it injects the show with a great dose of urgency. Plus, it actually made me question the true nature of Maia’s dad, and if he can actually be trusted. Hmm….

Bits & Cases

– I didn’t think I could love the show’s title sequence more, but The Good Fight really outdid themselves this year. Putin and Trump imploding, and that stunning shot of the debris in the end. Freakin’ masterpiece.

– Maia wiping her hands on Starkey’s jacket – best visual ever.

– My favorite revelation of the hour: Howard as the judge that Diane has to contend with. How hysterical was that? And the fact that he rejected Diane’s continuance because he’s not a fan of Reddick? Priceless.

– The guard fainting in court cracked me up.

– Even though our characters never interact with Trump, he still looms over the show’s world and it’s painfully realistic.

– Nifty trick with the camera zooming between the different car duos and their respective conversations.

– Notice the cinematography as Maia flashes back to her tennis coach Rosalie. The shots are very ethereal and dreamlike, perfectly encapsulating the power of memories.

– Liz mentions Will Gardner. And Alicia Florrick. I love continuity. Funnily enough, I don’t miss The Good Wife because this show is even better.

– Did anyone else think Diane and the bartender were going to have a one night stand? Because that would have been awesome.

– I could watch a whole episode of Marissa and Diane chatting on the stairs. Their dynamic rocks my world.

– Loved Marissa standing up for herself and practically cornering Boseman into making her an investigator at the firm.

– I laughed when Renee barely reacted to Diane rejecting her proposal since she got her number two choice (Barbra). I guess we’ll be seeing our team face off with her in the future.

– I really want Liz to join the firm as a partner. She seems like a very compelling character.

– Very bizarre yet intriguing ending with Diane in the limo microdosing and looking up at the stars. Do we think she’ll continue with this habit or was it a one-time thing?

Good Lines

Diane: What is happening?
Renee: Well, probably nothing. It’s like when you take up Pilates, and everywhere you look, there’s Pilates.
Diane: We are going to a funeral, we’re standing in a cemetery, you just came from another funeral, and there was a third funeral today. That is not Pilates.
Renee: You have a good point.

Diane: Grudges sell well.
Liz: Hmm. To the guilty?
Diane: And the wrongly accused.

Bartender: Death and sex. It connects you to life.

Diane: “Kill all lawyers.” Killers are rarely so literate.

Diane: But isn’t it better to go with the devil that you know?
Marissa; I never understood that expression. Why not go with no devils?
Diane: I just don’t like hustling every day to keep this firm afloat.
Marissa: Yes, you do. You love it.

Marissa: Diane Lockhart, on the cutting edge of culture. I’ve heard it sharpens the mind.
Diane: But maybe that’s just a rich person’s way to make addiction palatable.

A powerful premiere that sets the stage for one hell of a dark season. Highly impressive.

Nad Rating


  1. Finally saw this and wow loved it! I don’t think there’s any show like The Good Fight on television.

    All the deaths was such a brilliant way to inject some real darkness into the episode. And seriously, Diane is so freakin fabulous.

    Loved the Will and Alicia mentions! Still fascinates me how incredible the continuity is on this show. Looking forward for the rest of the season!

  2. I loved the season premiere, but I disagree with the statement about this show being better than TGW. TGW was a much more complex show. I still miss Alicia.
    Also, I do not like what is happening with Daiane’s character. I feel is so unlike her (about the drug thing).

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