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Kevin Probably Saves The World – Season One

"The smallest act of kindness, the simplest expression of grows. It reverberates through the world, through the universe, and it's a light that's more powerful than any force of darkness."

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For every Game of Thrones and The Handmaid’s Tale, there are shows like This Is Us and Kevin (Probably) Saves The World that lift people’s spirits and tell hopeful stories about love and kindness. However, unlike the NBC hit, Kevin seems to have gone under the radar.

The first season, which ended its 16-episode run last Tuesday, centers around Kevin Finn, a self-centered man who moves in with his widowed twin sister and teenage niece after surviving a suicide attempt. He encounters a celestial named Yvette who tasks him with the job of finding other righteous souls and saving the world…through hugs. It’s as cliché and ridiculous as it sounds, and yet somehow it works.

The main reason behind its success is its charming cast. Jason Ritter is immediately convincing in the titular role, but the real MVP is certainly Kimberly Hebert Gregory, who plays Yvette. The two play off each other brilliantly, displaying one of the most hilarious and amusing dynamics on television this year. Similarly, JoAnna Garcia is ridiculously likable as Kevin’s sister Amy. I’ve loved Garcia since her early days on Reba, but it’s incredibly refreshing to see her in a much more deserving role this time, even if her will-they-won’t-they subplot with Angel alum J. August Richards takes a slightly predictable turn.

Kevin juggles multiple weekly cases while simultaneously telling a gripping and intriguing serialized story. In fact, every uplifting soul-of-the-week pushes the narrative forward and develops Kevin (among other characters like Tyler) in more ways than other fully serialized shows. No spoilers here, but while the season (series?) finale offers some answers, it still leaves a lot up in the air and a desperate desire to spend more time with these infectiously lovable characters.

Packed with a whole lot of heart and positive vibes from the start, Kevin (Probably) Saves The World is the newest underrated gem you’re not watching. ABC will probably cancel this show, but let’s hope the TV gods give it a chance.

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